The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Procedures
by Martin Willey

Command Conferences

The Moonbase Commander has absolute control, and can issue an executive "command order" (Alpha Child, by Jarak; Dragon's Domain and "directive four" in The Metamorph). "Commander's orders" are absolute obligations (Force of Life, The Last Enemy, The Exiles, Seed of Destruction, The Seance Spectre)

At least in Year One, Koenig does have formal consultations with his heads of section. These are "command conferences" and are held around a round table in Koenig's office. The symbolism is obviously to the Arthurian round table, and modern political conferences may use a round table or circular arrangement to show no-one is above the others.

The Moonbase round table has 8 places. There are 6 sections plus the commander, plus Bergman who is not assigned to a section. Normally the Security section is not represented, so only 7 people are present (Tony Allyn attends in Guardian Of Piri). On 2 occasions there is a guest- Simmonds in Earthbound, Queller in Voyager's Return.

Andrew Novinc VR Space:1999

The large conference table. The chairs are Selene. It is not always present (normally there is a Mezzatessera table). This presents a challenge as there are no doors large enough to move it. Presumably it must be broken into parts to be removed.
Image by Andrew Novinc

For two command conferences, there is no conference table, and they all stand: Black Sun and The Troubled Spirit

We also see less formal meetings around the conference table, with fewer people (end of Earthbound, Alpha Child, The Last Sunset). In The Last Enemy, Dione is interviewed at the conference table with only Koenig, Helena, and Bergman.

Matter Of Life And Death Helena not present. Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death
Black Sun Standing around the Mezzatessera table.
Sandra is not present.
Black Sun
Earthbound At the start and end of the episode.
Simmonds attends the first.
At the end of the episode, just Koenig, Helena, Bergman and Bob Mathias are present.
Earthbound Earthbound
Guardian Of Piri Two conferences. In the second, Tony Allyn attends for security, and Trevor Ainsley for Technical (Kano is on Piri) Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri
Alpha Child Just Paul, Koenig, Alan and Kano. Helena is with Jackie Crawford. Alpha Child
The Last Sunset Koenig and Bergman use the table, but no formal conference. The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return Sandra is not present; Queller is invited Voyager's Return
Collision Course Collision Course
War Games War Games
The Last Enemy Not a conference, but Dione is interviewed at the table. The Last Enemy The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit Standing with no conference table. The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain Space Brain

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