The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Technical Section (Space Brain)

Filmed on M Stage on 19th December 1974.

Space Brain

The tall grey apparatus on the bench is a Krokus SL vertically mounted photograph enlarger. It is later featured in several episodes, notably as the "Propogatoscope".

Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain
Space Brain

Inside, we don't see this side of the set. Note the striped tool box, also used by Helena in Matter Of Life And Death

Space Brain

This corner of Technical only appears in one sequence. It was a re-shoot, filmed in a revamped corner of Command Office, with a raised ceiling, which doesn't match the standard ceiling height of the rest of the set. Thanks to Craig Rohloff.

Wall Plan Wall

Right wall is largely conjectural- we see one window, and striped and illuminated panels in one Koenig shot. Bottom left, only the computer panel by the curved wall is visible; the other is conjectural. We never see the wall at the base, but there must be larger doors to get the asteroid in,

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