The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Technical Section

These are some of the Tech Labs seen in the series. Year 2 TechLabs shared a common plan (identical to Life Support); Year 1 rooms were more varied.

Technical Section

(Space Brain)

Space Brain

The tall grey apparatus on the bench is a Krokus SL vertically mounted photograph enlarger. It is later featured in several episodes, notably as the "Propogatoscope".

Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain
Space Brain

Inside, we don't see this side of the set. Note the striped tool box, also used by Helena in Matter Of Life And Death

Space Brain

This corner of Technical only appears in one sequence. It was a re-shoot, filmed in a revamped corner of Command Office, with a raised ceiling, which doesn't match the standard ceiling height of the rest of the set. Thanks to Craig Rohloff.


(The Lambda Factor)

The power control panel is adapted from the "Life Support Systems Core" (The Beta Cloud) and "Alpha Air Conditioning System" (Bringers Of Wonder part 2) in Life Support. The slider panels were first seen in Seed Of Destruction Life Support (the revamped Weapons Section set). It has gauges for "Core Temperature", "Critical Mass" and "Interchange". The sliding dials on the side have the labels "Dummy Load Dynanometer" and "Exciter Input Regulator" (a dynamometer - not dynanometer - is a real instrument for measuring the force of an engine; exciter regulators are used in electronics).

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

Technical Lab


The Life Support set is adapted again. The observation room has disappeared- the door is a normal wall panel, and the window is a blank panel, with the metal louvres from the nuclear waste dome central core corridor. The desk consoles are from the waste dome monitoring room too.

Notice the nuclear detonator

Dorzak Dorzak Dorzak

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