The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Big Microscopes

Space Brain

On the bench is a Polish-made Krokus color SL photograph enlarger, in Technical Section in Space Brain. Another vertically mounted photographic enlarger, the DeVere 504 Cathomag, can be seen in Voyager's Return's Experimental Lab. This photo enlarger will reappear in a number of episodes.

The Exiles The Exiles The Exiles

There is a strange instrument on its side in the Research Unit in The Exiles. We don't see it clearly, but it's made up of the Krokus photo enlarger, with parts of the white instrument discussed on the previous page. The original top of the white instrument is alongside, with Victor's perspex sphere.

Journey To Where

It can seen standing upright in Journey To Where, again with the top section alongside. It is on the desk on the left, in the Research Building, with the green pipe.

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance

For the star role as the "Propogatoscope" in A Matter Of Balance, the original white instrument was replaced by a new section, also made of PVC pipe fittings. In the close-up of Shermeen turning the dial, you can see the BSI (British Standards Institute) kite-mark, upside down.

The Mark Of Archanon The Beta Cloud The Lambda Factor

The Propogatoscope appears again, in Weapons Section in The Mark Of Archanon and The Beta Cloud, and Engineering in The Lambda Factor.

The Lambda Factor

Finally, we see the second pipe section, minus the photo enlarger, in Command Center in The Lambda Factor. Another instrument with an angled body is in the foreground to most shots.

The Lambda Factor The Lambda Factor

Both the new instrument and the Propogatoscope section get blown over

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

The other instrument first appears in The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 in the Records Lab.

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