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Veronica cover

The TV listings magazine Veronica features Space 1999 on its 10 June 1978 cover

Some Dutch viewers could pick up the original 1975-77 broadcasts of Space 1999 from England and others watched broadcasts in 1977 on Germany's ZDF and on Belgian television. In 1978, the Dutch station VARA broadcast 12 episodes of the first series on their second TV channel. The episodes were subtitled and shown without commercial breaks or edits. Despite fan protests, the series was cancelled and replaced by Blake's 7 (only the first two seasons were shown before that too was cancelled). Thanks to Remco Admiraal.

See also the Netherlands Antilles islands, a Dutch colony that showed many more episodes.

Nr Date (Fridays) Time Dutch Title Translation Original Title
1 2 June 1978 20.27-21.17 De maan uit haar baan The Moon Out of Orbit Breakaway
2 9 June 1978 20.27-21.17 Ruimteoorlog Space War War Games
3 16 June 1978 20.27-21.17 Ontmoeting in de ruimte Meeting In Space Mission Of The Darians
4 23 June 1978 20.27-21.17 Terugkeer van een ruimteverkenner Return Of The Space Shuttle Specialist Voyager's Return
5 30 June 1978 20.27-21.17 De basisbaby The Base Baby Alpha Child
6 7 July 1978 20.27-21.17 De laatste vijand The Last Enemy The Last Enemy
7 14 July 1978 20.27-21.17 Kosmisch Brein Cosmic Brain Space Brain
8 28 July 1978 20.27-21.17 Levenskracht Life Force Force Of Life
9 4 August 1978 18.58-19.50 Tijd en Plaats onbekend Time and Place Unknown Another Time, Another Place
10 11 August 1978 18.58-19.50 Aan de aarde gebonden Bound to the Earth Earthbound
11 18 August 1978 18.58-19.50 Een kring om de maan A Ring Around The Moon Ring Around The Moon
12 25 August 1978
rescheduled from
Friday 21 July, 20.27-21.17
18.59-19.50 De laatste zonsondergang The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

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Media coverage was limited (features often used Year 2 shots), and included a cover story in Veronica.


Note some foreign items were also available in the Netherlands including the Airfix Eagle, the German Panini stickers and album and the German Zack comics.

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