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Veronica cover

The TV listings magazine Veronica features Space 1999 on its 10 June 1978 cover

Veronica is a Dutch TV guide. This issue, dated 10th June 1978, has a cover story on Space: 1999, during the first broadcast of the series in the Netherlands on the channel Vara. The main photo in the article, and Landau/Morse shot, are reversed. Thanks to Remco Admiraal.

"Spannende avonturen in de ruimte" is "Exciting adventures in space".

Veronica cover Veronica contents
spannende avonturen in de ruimte Veronica

A Dutch celebrity/family magazine, Story had a feature in their 7 July 1978 edition, p47. "Space duo capitalises on marital disputes", "Still recognised everywhere, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain from Mission Impossible, a world-wide success. In Space 1999 they act together again. That could save their marriage."

Story 7 July 1978 Story 7 July 1978

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