The Catacombs Catacombs Character Guide


Alpha Child
Character Name
Played by Norton Clarke
Sex M
Section Security
Episodes 6 episodes
Earthbound Guard
Force of Life Guard
Alpha Child Guard
The Troubled Spirit Guard
Space Brain Alphan
Testament of Arkadia Guard

Earthbound Earthbound Behind The Scenes He is a guard in the crowd scene when Zantor and the Kaldorians arrive on Moonbase Alpha. In this behind the scenes shot, he can be seen just over Christopher Lee's shoulder on the right.
Force of Life Force Of Life He is the foreground guard - we only see his hip and arm. The featured guard is Jack Shepherd
Alpha Child Alpha Child He is among a group of Alphans who are stunned by Jarak.
The Troubled Spirit The Troubled Spirit He's in the third row of the audience listening to Jim Sullivan; in this shot, at the back, seen behind Barry Morse and Sarah Bullen.
Space Brain Space Brain
Space Brain
Pilot in foam
Testament of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia He is guarding the protein store with Clive Hornby, and is stunned by Anna Davis.

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