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Space Brain
Character Name Kelly
Played by Shane Rimmer
Sex M
Approx. Age 43
Status Deceased
Section Reconnaissance
Episodes 5 episodes
1 title credits

Breakaway Eagle 2 pilot (VO)
The Last Enemy Eagle Pilot 2 (voice only)
Space Brain Kelly Title credit
The Testament Of Arkadia Technical (VO)
The Lambda Factor Maintenance Section (VO)

Kelly only appears in Space Brain, but actor Shane Rimer's voice is heard in other episodes, often as a pilot. He is the pilot who flies Koenig to Alpha in Breakaway.

"Commander Koenig. We'll be landing at Moonbase Alpha at twenty three three five lunar time."
"We're getting great pictures, Commander, of the Meta Probe launch platform."
"Eagle Two to base, I have no lift off."
"No problem. It's coming through now on sub space frequency two two zero."
"Report to Maintenance Section please, urgent."

Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain Space Brain

"You must not touch my brain!"
"I've got to do it. I've got to... and they won't let me!"
"It is trying to help us. It's working with computer. We must go to Main Mission."
"It's possible. We can divert the Moon away from the brain."

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