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Eagle Models: Hawk Models
Compiled by Martin Willey

Hawk (Iconic Replicas/ Sixteen 12)

UK 5 June 2010 £499

Hawk box art

Sixteen 12 Collectibles Limited was formerly known as Iconic Replicas (2007-2008) and before that Product Enterprise (2004-2007). Announced in 2008 by Iconic Replicas, the Hawk was part of their "Gerry Anderson Prop Collection", in scale with the 23 inch Eagle "prop replicas". The 19 inch / 48cm long Hawk prototype was made by Ian Crichton, based on the 31 inch filming miniature.

Sixteen 12 Hawk

Originally it was announced there would be 500 produced, due in spring 2008 at a price of £318. It was repeatedly delayed, while Sixteen 12 suffered production problems on the Eagles and adverse reaction to the command module inaccuracies. Additionally an economic recession suppressed collector spending power.

In April 2009, Sixteen 12 announced that because of "limited interest" (probably few pre-orders), it would be produced with a much lower number of 200, with a new price of £499 (due to reduced production run and "soaring manufacturing costs" in China). If enough pre-orders were received before the end of the month, it was intended to release September 9, 2009. The website disappeared during August and September 2009, and returned in October with a new release date of February 2010. The replica would have a certificate of authenticity signed by Martin Bower. The date drifted back to April 2010, then "end of May 2010". Finally it was released in early June 2010.

The promotional photos show white command module insets instead of black (as seen in the episode). The insets were changed to black at the suggestion of original modelmaker Martin Bower (like the Eagles; the original models were painted this way after filming). Although generally accurate, the command module is notably more rounded than the filming modules. According to Sixteen 12, the production models were altered to change the shape of the command module and increase the weathering.

In September 2010, it was announced that 20 (of the 200 total models) would be painted by Martin Bower in the original (pre-production) all-white colour scheme ("as he designed and delivered to Pinewood Studios in 1975"; actually they were delivered to Bray Studios in 1974 and never visited Pinewood). Bower would sign the underside of the models himself. These were available for £599. According to the label on the box, there was in fact 30 white Hawks, not 20.

Promotional photographs from Sixteen 12 website.

Sixteen 12 Hawk Prototype Sixteen 12 Hawk Sixteen 12 Hawk Sixteen 12 Hawk Sixteen 12 Hawk Sixteen 12 Hawk
Hawk production model

Production model. Note the black insets (accurate to most pictures of the Hawk, but not the original episode). Overall it looks fairly accurate to the filming models. The command module is still too rounded compared to either of the original models. The orange colour is darker and more solid.

Photos of the production model by Jorge Carmo. More photos

1612 Hawk 1612 Hawk

Photos of the white Hawk by Donald Suttie. More photos

1612 Hawk 1612 Hawk
1612 Hawk

Photos of the white Hawk by Gordon Moriguchi. More photos

Hawk (Sixteen 12)

UK, announced 2017, not released.

Announced in August 2017, this was a 31 inches / 79 cm long replica, the same dimensions as the larger studio model. It would have been larger than the 19 inch / 48cm version produced in 2010, which was produced in 2 editions, with orange bands and black windows, and all-white. This was to be a limited edition of 100.

No prices were announced, but it was to be released in 2018. It was cancelled in October 2018.

At the same time they announced two different 10 inch / 25cm die-cast models. The standard one is limited to 1000, and uses the War Games decoration; the "special edition" was limited to 500, and used the all-white scheme. These were released in 2021 (full details)

Hawk (Rogue)

USA 2016, not released

A companion model to the Rogue 44 inch Eagle, the Hawk is a studio quality replica of the large Hawk model. At the end of 2016, the license between ITV and Rogue Studios ended.

Two prototypes were built and detailed by Bim Pamiroyan. They were displayed at the Alpha 2017 convention

The prototype before it was painted.

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