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Eagle Models: Hawk Models
Compiled by Martin Willey


Garage kits are unlicensed models, usually resin/ mixed-media rather than styrene.


UK 2000

Garage kits produced by AB Models, who also produced Eagles in the same scales. Like the Eagles, they are mixed media. The 22" at least did not have turned aluminium engine bells like the Eagle.

  • 22" Hawk (Sept 2000, limited to 50 copies, £249.50). This was advertised prior to release as a 17" model.
  • 44" Hawk (Summer 2000).
HAWK (Replica's Unlimited)

UK 2006. £225

Garage kits produced by Replica's Unlimited, who also produced Eagles. 1:48 scale (about 19 inches/ 50cm long), 36 pieces. Originally the main body was solid resin; it was retooled so the nose and body are hollow.

Space Fighter Buteo

US/Canada 2005?. Sold online through StarShipModeller website.

Garage kit (clearly unlicensed, as shown by the name- Latin for Hawk), mastered by Alfred Wong. 1:48 scale, 25 pieces.

Space Fighter Buteo
Warp Hawk Fighter

UK 2005?

1:72 scale, 43 pieces.

Hoto Hawk Spaceship

US 2004?

1:72 scale, 16 pieces. A recast of the Airfix kit, complete with original box art.

Scale Model Technologies (SMT)

Canada 1999

1:72 scale, 16 pieces. A recast of the Airfix kit.

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