Catacombs The Conventions
Alpha 2017

Pam Rose

Pam Rose shows us the model displays, including Mike Reader's aluminium parts, Gordon's Rogue Studio models, Round 2 models, other replicas, and David Hirsch's original models.

Replica Models

Mouse over for details.

The Eagle on the left is the modified 23" PE redone by Theo Stafanski. The Eagle on the right is the Round 2 mod as Eagle 3 with lab. Round 2 12" Eagle total remod with Lab built by David Pearson. 15" "Space Fighter Buteo" casted and build by Alex Wong. Swift is the Alex Dumas kit built by Jim Small. Alex Dumas Swift built by Jim Small. Warp Hawk. 1/48 UPCM casted and built by Germān Impache. Left Eagle is built by Rick Robinson. The Round 2 Eagle 2 with Lab Pod is built by Bim Pamiroyan. Diet Coke Eagle 1/72 scale SAW UCPM built by Dave Pearson. The Dorcons ship is from Chris Larson. Taybor's Emporium by Chris Larson David Hirsch holding the original 11 inch Eagle, and the 44 inch Rogue Studios Eagle Gordon Moriguchi holding the 2 prototypes of the Rogue Studio replica Hawks, both built and detailed by Bim Pamiroyan.

Round 2

Pre-production waste cap and 1:48 / 1:24 moonbuggies for the Round 2 Nuclear Waste Area 2 diorama set

Pre-production Round 2 assembled 22 inch Eagle

Photos thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.