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Eagle Models: Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey

Eagle Transporter Plastic Display Model (Round 2)

USA 10 January 2018; MPC-875; approx. $275 - $295

A built-up version of the 22 inch Eagle transporter kit. "Fully decorated", "Some assembly required", "Limited edition 500 pieces".

A Rescue Eagle edition (MPC903) was released in December 2018.

An Eagle 2 edition (MPC917) was released in March 2020.

The box is 58cm x 31cm x 15cm. Inside are two blocks of polystyrene holding the partially disassembled model securely. All the rockets and command module are separate, but can be attached by hand (with care)

The box as displayed at Wonderfest 2017 was plain black with a photo of the model on each side: top view on the top, side views on the sides, underside on the bottom of the box. More photos

The final box (first shown in October 2017) also has a life-size profile on each side, but the background on the top is a grey moonscape.

The underside of the box contains an endorsement by Brian Johnson: "When I designed the Eagle Transporter for Space 1999 TV series I had no idea that 40+ years later anyone would have held it in such high regard! The distinctive tubular framework was used as I liked the Maserati Tipo 67 space frame concept. The Main Engine bells were cribbed from that era rocket motor designs, also the Command Module anti glare shields and the attitude thrusters were all NASA inspired. This display model by MPC I hope will satisfy demands for Eagle fans everywhere. I will be very happy if fans of the ship add this MPC Eagle to increase their collection of Space 1999 machinery"

The text from the underside of the box:

The interior of the box. The rockets and command module are separate.

The instruction sheet. The vertical engines ("C" in the sheet) are the trickiest to position, with two short pins to locate.

Photos of a pre-production model from the Alpha 2017 convention. In these pictures the model was unpainted, decorated only with decals. The final model is painted.

Photos of the final model. There is no weathering, so the model looks very clean (as the filming models did during earlier episodes).

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi, Todd Morton.