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Eagle Models: Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey


USA, December 2013, MPC791


Round 2 reissues AMT and MPC kits. The Eagle kit uses the original Airfix/MPC molds, but with new decals (created by model maker Jim Small). The packaging is be based on the original MPC artwork, but shows images of Nick Tate as Alan Carter (replacing Landau/Bain whose images cannot be used). Each box contains an MPC Signature Card of Nick Tate from the show. 100 of the prints are autographed by Nick Tate.

The reverse box art shows the finished model with guides for decals, the pod with rescue and VIP paint schemes, and more photos of Nick Tate. The text has the slogan "The giant leap for mankind... It's beginning to look like a stumble in the dark." (A slight misquote- it's "A giant leap", not "The giant leap").

The kit is accompanied by a reissue of The Alien design car, with prints and autographs of Catherine Schell.

The kit and box art is clearly visible in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, season 8 (2014). It can be seen in Howard and Bernadette's apartment in "The Expedition Approximation" and a few other episodes. In the opening episode of Lost In Space (2018), Will is building a model kit which includes Eagle parts, a leg pod and cage section.

Box art Base box art MPC Signature Card Proposed box art

Anderson Entertainment (, a UK company run by Gerry Anderson's son Jamie, sold the kit with a bonus photo, and all Nick Tate cards signed (this was in addition to the 100 cards in the regular set).

Box art with Anderson logo Photo card Nick Tate photo card Nick Tate photo card reverse

Pictures below by Gordon Moriguchi

Round 2 Box Round 2 base box Round 2 Decals Round 2 Nick Tate card Round 2 Nick Tate card reverse

Box side comparisons of original Airfix/MPC and the Round 2 version, by Gordon Moriguchi


Instructions page 1 Instructions page 2 Instructions page 3 Round 2 Decal Instructions Round 2 Parts


USA, January 2015 (projected 30 December 2014), MPC816, $59.99


An updated version of the MPC Eagle, with "lab" module and top boosters, as seen in the episode "The Metamorph". Pictures of the 44 inch Eagle from that episode are shown on the box cover alongside the made-up model. The new resin parts (and cover photo) are by modeller Jim Small.


The cover image, by Jim Small, is a recreation of the scene in The Metamorph.

"Boosters! Full power!"

Moonbase Alpha status report, 342 days after leaving Earth's orbit.

Eagle 1 is damaged en route to the volcanic planet Psychon in a search to locate Titanium to repair a critical life support system. Mentor, a survivor of the disaster that had ruined Psychon's environment, captures the crew.

The remaining Alphans agree to a rendezvous in space, but Commander Koenig smells a trap and orders Eagle 4 to be equipped with additional booster units. While in space. energy from Mentor's ship forces to land on Psychon, despite the massive power of the booster equipped Eagle. Koenig and crew discover Mentor's nefarious plan to restore Psychon syphoning brain energy, leaving the victims as mindless automatons used as slave labor in deep caverns.

The Alphans destroy the brain draining machine and rescue Mentor's daughter, Maya, a metamorph who was oblivious to his evil plans. They escape in the booster-equipped Eagle as the entire planet is obliterated.

This model kit from MPC celebrates this fan-favorite Space: 1999 episode 'The Metamorph'. All new resin parts have been added to MPC's classic Eagle Transporter model kit to achieve the look of Eogle 4 as featured in the episode. A thorough assembly guide included as well as water-slide decals to complete the model,

Photos by Gordon Moriguchi

Copyright Martin Willey