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Eagle Models: Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey

Eagle Transporter 14 inch (Round 2)


US, Product Code: MPC913. November 2019, price around $50-$75

The model was announced at the start of June 2019 at the Wonderfest 2019 convention, and the box art was released end August 2019.

A new scale added to Round 2's previous 12 inch and 22 inch kits. It doesn't match any of the studio model sizes, but the nominal 1:72 scale is a popular model kit scale. It seems to have been the best size to scale down their existing 22 inch model, which while excellent is large and expensive. The major compromise seems to have been removing the springs in the legs, but two configurations are provided- landed or extended. Otherwise, like the 22 inch model, it is an accurate version of the original 44 inch studio model.

Photos of the unpainted prototype model, thanks to Gordon.

Box back and sides

In this kit

In the mid 1970's, "Space: 1999" exploded onto TV screens around the world. It was the most expensive show ever made at the time, with the most realistic effects ever seen on the small screen. The star vehicle of the ground breaking work was the Eagle, the venerable workhorse of Moon Base Alpha. Designed by VFX supervisor Brian Johnson and represented by miniatures of varying sizes for filming, the iconic ship is as popular today as it was back then.

MPC introduces this all new, accurately proportioned and detailed kit of the iconic spacecraft in precise 1/72 scale which can be decorated one of three ways. Contains one model kit with extensive decals, assembly and painting instructions.

Decals include authentic architectural designs- bathtubs, shower stalls, urinals and urinal stalls. There are three different types of pilot window (16 and 17): black, astronauts or Koenig/Alan. There are three different types of Alpha insignia- detailed (life sized design), light blue and dark blue.



MKA038 Metal Engine Bell Set was released separately, containing aluminium replacement engine bells for the 14 inch Eagle.

Eagle 4 Transporter, 14 inch (Round 2)


US, Product Code: MPC979. January 2023, price around $68

"Metamorph" Eagle featuring Laboratory Pod & spine booster - over 14" long

This is a version of the 2019 14 inch kit with "lab" pod and spine booster, as seen in The Metamorph. The box cover still says "Eagle Transporter" but adds a large "4" (Koenig's Eagle is Eagle 4 in the episode).

Box art by Jamie Hood

Underside of box

In this kit

Season Two of SPACE:1999 began with an exciting and memorable episode in "The Metamorph" which featured an evolution of the Eagle transporter that included a Laboratory Pod and Spine Booster. It introduced a fresh new format that injected new life into the iconic television program.

MPC replicates the "Metamorph Eagle" with this accurately proportioned and detailed kit of the iconic spacecraft in precise 1/72 scale contains extensive decals, assembly instructions. and a full color decoration guide.

The actual text contains two spelling errors- "exciting" for "exciting" and "labratory" for "laboratory".

Box top side Box bottom side

Box design


Decal sheet.

Open box

Kit parts and base.




The 1:72 scale kit alongside the original 1975 1:96 MPC kit and the 2017 1:48 Round 2 Cargo Eagle. Round 2 produced a 1:72 version of this Eagle as the Deluxe Edition (2015).

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.