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Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey

Round 2

Round 2 is a company founded in 2005 in Indiana, USA. It owns the brands, and some of the original tooling, for major plastic kit and die-cast model brands including AMT, MPC and Johnny Lightning. Among the licenses were the original MPC/Ertl Space: 1999 kits, with the MPC Eagle first to be reissued in 2013. At the start of 2014 they reissued the MPC Alien kit, followed by Alpha Moonbase.

The success of the reissues led to an updated Eagle Deluxe Edition in 2015. In 2015, Round 2, under the MPC branding, created new tooling for a very accurate 22 inch Eagle. This popular kit had a number of accessory packs, and eventually variation kits, the main versions being Eagle With Cargo Pod (2017), Eagle 2 Laboratory Pod (2020).

The kit was also released as a pre-built model in three configurations Eagle transporter (2018), Rescue Eagle (2018), and Eagle 2 (2020).

A third scale Eagle, a 14 inch Eagle was introduced in 2019, with similar accuracy to the 22 inch.

Other related kits included an in-scale Nuclear Waste Area 2 with astronauts and moonbuggies, Commlock and stun gun kit (2021), and Hawk (a new tooling, accurate the studio filming model, not the 1977 MPC original)..

Product SKU Release Date Box Accessories
Eagle 1 Transporter MPC791/12 December 2013 MPC791
The Alien MPC795/12 January 2014 MPC795/12
Alpha Moonbase MPC803/12 August 2014 MPC803
Eagle 1 Transporter Deluxe Edition MPC816/06 January 2015 MPC816
22 inch Eagle MPC825/06 January 2016 MPC825 MKA014 Deluxe Accessory Pack
MKA016 Small Metal Parts Set
MKA028 Weathering Panel Decals (2018)
MKA051 Weathering Panel Decals (2021)
Small Metal Parts Set
Eagle With Cargo Pod MPC838/06 July 2017 MPC838 MKA025/24 Nuclear waste cannisters
Nuclear Waste Area 2 MPC860/06 December 2017 MPC860
Eagle Transporter Display Model MPC875/02 January 2018 MPC875
Hawk Mark IX MPC881/12 June 2018 MPC881
Eagle With Rescue Pod Display Model MPC903/02 December 2018 MPC903
14 inch Eagle MPC913/12 November 2019 MPC913 MKA038 Metal Engine Bell Set
Eagle 2 Display Model MPC917/02 March 2020 MPC917
Spine Booster MKA043/06 May 2020 MKA043
Eagle 2 Laboratory Pod MPC923/06 May 2020 MPC923 MKA044 Metal Parts Pack
Commlock And Stun Gun MPC941/12 July 2021 MPC941
1:48 Hawk MPC947/12 Q4 2021 MPC947/12
Moonbuggy MPC984 2023 MPC984
14 inch Eagle 4 MPC979 2023 MPC979
Eagle With Cargo Pod
Re-boxing of MPC838/06
MPC900 May 2023 MPC900

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