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Moonbuggies Etc.
Compiled by Martin Willey

Note: The moonbuggy prop was actually a real vehicle called the Amphicat, of which several non-Space 1999 related toys exist. One is the Irwin Toys Action Jackson Amphicat, in scale with Mego figures (and the Palitoy Space 1999 figures), apart from decals identical to the moonbuggy (a red version also exists- the original prop was red, painted yellow). Hasbro made an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) for GI Joe, also in yellow but less accurate to the moonbuggy because it included a crane/ winch in the back. Gay Toys produced another Amphicat, with a detachable canopy, that was very accurate (with levers instead of steering wheel).

Gay Toys Amphicat with Classic Toys Paul Morrow. Thanks to Robert Ruiz

MOON CAR (Azrak-Hamway)

UK, USA 1976, 1977. 67cents.

12.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm friction driven buggy. Two orange astronauts in seat, silver cylinder & box in back (all fixed to model). Reissued by Harbert in Italy as "lunarmobile".

Blister pack, with colourful art card back and base in first issue (1976), and photo card backing in second issue (1977).

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

Moon Car 1st issue Moon Car, 2nd issue


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Italy 1979

"la scooter lunare". Reissue of the Ahi friction driven Moon Car.

Packaging identical to the second issue Ahi Moon Car.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

MOON CAR (Azrak-Hamway)

Battery Moon Car

UK, USA 1976

Battery driven version of the friction driven buggy; otherwise they look identical.

Box, with photos of astronauts on the borders.

A moon car in mint box was sold on ebay for $1300 in 2014.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

Catalogue image

Image from Azrak Hamway catalogue showing early box design

MOONBUGGY (Road*Stars- LJN Toys)

UK, USA 1976. No. 2014. US price around $1.29

Small 4 cm yellow die cast metal model, with black wheels & interior. Gray antenna. An approximate replica (the front is too short).

Sold in 10 x 18 cm bubble pack: top of card is publicity photo of Koenig & Helena posing without helmets with moonbuggy on lunar surface; centre is series logo; bottom is blue background.

One of a series of 3 models (others are Zantor's ship and "Hawk Transporter"). Also sold in a boxed set of all 3 vehicles (No 341-20). LJN also produced Comlock Communicators.


Box cover

USA 1976. Item No. 1999. No 341-20
One of the boxes illustrated has a sticker with replacement product number: 341-2004

Boxed set of the 3 die cast models (also available separately). The box cover names the 3 models (only the "Hawk" was named on the individual packaging, and it was actually an Eagle).

Box end
Box side

The box is branded "LJN", not with "Road*Stars" brand. The text "Barrington" on the front may be a sub-brand.

MOONBUGGY (NemoTechnik)

? 1993. NTK 07. Sold in UK at £12.99.

1/48 resin kit, with astronaut. Components include 5.5 cm chassis, wheels, astronaut torso plus separate legs and arms, and the control stick. Small 7.5 x 9.5cm instruction sheet. Sold loose in small plastic bag.

MOONBUGGY (Morena Pinzerato)

2008. Sold on internet (ebay)

14cm diecast moonbuggies. Only 10 were produced. Pictures thanks to Keith Feucht

Pinzerato moonbuggy Pinzerato moonbuggy

AMPHICAT (Century Castings)

2016, UK £70

Mastered by Robert Burns, 17.5cm x 13.3cm 1:12 polyurethane kit.


December 2018/ January 2019, UK £195. Limited edition of 200.

More details

ZANTOR'S SHIP (Road Stars- LJN Toys)

UK, USA 1976. No. 2015

Not named as such. Small 4 cm blue die cast metal model. Head and the 4 (not 3) plastic grey legs are too big. The oval faces on the side have stickers added to simulate windows, with cartoon figures on them.

Sold in 10 x 18 cm bubble pack: top of card is photo of ship in hanger; centre is series logo; bottom is a red background.

One of a series of 3 models (others are moonbuggy and "Hawk Transporter"). Also sold in a boxed set of all 3 vehicles (No 341-20)

The three individual Roadstars toys


MPC Alien

US 1976-7

Fundimensions Plastic Construction Kit no 1-1902.

25.5 x 13 cm styrene lunar surface, 7.5 cm tall alien astronaut, and 13 cm long vehicle (large barrel wheels, clear plastic over cabin, & camera & radio dish on back; this car is actually a reissue of a George Barris 1970 design car 'Moonscope', reissued by AMT in 2002).

The car and alien figure are not based on anything seen in Space: 1999.

Box 25 x 19 x 7.5 cm. Art of car & alien, with large logo & small photos on right (Alpha, astronauts, Eagle). Also photos of Eagles on box side. "For ages 8 to adult"

Instruction sheet 21.5 x 28 cm with 4 pages. Includes the offer for woven Alpha patch.

MPC also produced the Eagle Transporter, Hawk and Moonbase Alpha.

Ahi produced a friction toy from this design, also called "The Alien".

THE ALIEN (Round2)

USA December 2013/ generally available January 2014

Round2 initial box design

Reissue of the MPC Alien kit, with a "MPC Signature Card" photo print of Maya. 100 of the prints, inserted randomly, are signed by Catherine Schell. The box design removes the photos of Landau and Bain, because of licensing issues, substituting Maya. Round2 also reissued the Eagle Transporter kit.

The reverse box art shows many photos of Maya, and the slogan "We're all aliens... 'til we get to know one another"

Box cover art Box art Maya print

Pictures by Gordon Moriguchi


Box sides: top box and base box



Ahi alien

USA 1977

"Friction Motorized Action!" Friction car toy with seated alien figure, based on MPC Alien car model kit. Photo card backing.

Pictures below thanks to David Penn.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.


Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Italy 1979. Art. 733

Friction car toy with seated alien figure, a reissue of the Ahi Alien friction toy. Photo card backing is identical to Ahi. Images thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

MINI-MODELS (Fanderson)

UK 2000-2001. Each £6.25

Individually hand painted miniatures produced by the Fanderson fan club. Each is 2.75 inches/ 7cm long. There were 60 of each model made. In 2005 a moonbuggy was made for the Countdown To Disaster convention.

  • Dorcon spaceship- 2000.
  • Arra's spaceship - 2001
  • Psychon spaceship - 2001
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Laser Tank (UNCL)


UK, 2006, £25

Laser tank from The Infernal Machine. 112mm long (1:76th scale). Includes Airfix Chieftain tank kit for the chassis.

Other laser tank garage kits include Scale Model Technologies and Small Art Works.

SS Emporium

US, 2000, $75

Painted replica of the SS Emporium from the episode The Taybor. It stands 4.5 "/ 11.5 cm tall on the base. It is resin or plastic with plastic detailing, on a stained wood base. Like the original model, the landing leg bays are painted black. It was sold at the Main Mission 2000 convention in New York, but the manufacturer is not known. Pictures thanks to David Penn.

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