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Eagle Models: Round 2
Compiled by Martin Willey

22 inch EAGLE (Round 2)

Cover art
The cover art (by Jamie Hood). See prototype box art

USA, January 2016, MPC825, $129.95
Special Edition January 2017, MPC874/06, $200 (500 copies).

This is a more accurate version of the Eagle, based on the detailing of the first 44 inch studio model but 22 inches (55cm) in length (twice the size of the MPC Eagle). The model is made of styrene (the same plastic used for regular kits). The plastic is in two colours- white and grey - so an unpainted model will still be a fair representation. The landing gear is sprung, and the front windows are clear, showing two pilots with bulkhead wall (like the filming miniatures, not a studio cockpit replica).

Box text:

This all-new model kit from MPC showcases years of research of the filming miniatures used in the show's production to provide the most accurate plastic model kit possible. It features authentic detail, like spring-loaded articulated landing gear. The central pod can be removed as well. Its detail is impressive as is its length, which nears 22 inches (59cm).

There are separate aluminium replacement parts. See box art

Small Metal Parts Set and Deluxe Accessory Pack Small Metal Parts Set

There were two updated weathering and panel decal sets sold separately, to be used with the original 22 inch Eagle, plus the Cargo Eagle. MKA028 was released in 2018; later updated as MKA051 in 2021.

Special Edition

Special Edition ad

The Special Edition, release January 2017, is a limited edition of 500. More details

Special Edition order form

More details

Wonderfest 2016

See more pictures of Nick Tate with the 22 inch Eagle at Wonderfest 2016

Eagle With Cargo Pod (Round2)


USA, July 2017, MPC838

A reworking of the 22 inch Eagle transporter kit with a winch/cargo pod. The pod can be built as either the flat-bed cargo pod, or with the winch drums. It includes 4 nuclear waste containers, and the winch is magnetic.

Box art, photos by James Small

The model at Wonderfest 2017 (June 2017)

Nuclear waste canisters

A set of 4 waste containers, available separately to the Cargo Eagle. MKA025/24

Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 diorama set

USA, December 2017, MPC 860/06

Round 2's Jamie Hood in June 2017. The lamp posts and a waste cover were on display, with a graphic describing the set.

A diorama set available separately to the Cargo Eagle. Mostly 1:48 scale, with some parts 1:24 scale. It is accurate to the studio set, rather than the model sets.

Photos of the pre-production models from the Alpha 2017 convention

The larger buggy was reissued as a separate kit in 2023.

Spine Booster (Round2)

USA May 2020; MKA043; approx $55

The spine boosters (as seen in The Metamorph) to fit the 22 inch Eagle transporter kit and the 22 inch Eagle 2 kit.

Painting guide on base on box

Box art

Eagle 2 Laboratory Pod (Round2)


USA May 2020; MPC923; approx. $150

A reworking of the 22 inch Eagle transporter kit with detailing for the second studio effects model, and the "laboratory" (or booster) pod

Box art Base box art

Test from side of box (technically both the "Eagle 2" model and the booster pod were seen extensively in year 1 as well):

The utilitarian Eagles were often fitted with modular pods for various applications. One particular pod was seen throughout the show but highlighted in several episodes of the second series. most notably in "The Metamorph" where the alien shape-shifter Maya was introduced. It was specifically identified as a "specially adapted laboratory section" in the episode "All That Glisters". thereby christening it as the "Lab Pod" among fans.

Text from base of box:

In this kit: over 300 parts * new engine piping & shoulder pods * all-new lab pod * season 2 pilot figures * soft spring-action landing gear
extensive water-slide marking decals * full color deco guide

After a few initial episodes of Space:1999 had been filmed for season one, it became clear that just one "hero" Eagle model would not be enough to fulfil the shooting schedules, so a second model was constructed after filming began. Since the initial model was being used for principal photography, the model makers who were working from a separate location had to improvise most of the minor detailing beyond the critical dimensions that were in the original plans. This resulted in various differences in some proportions and detailing for the second model.

This kit faithfully represents a 1/2 studio scale replica of the second of the 44" "hero" miniatures with measurements gleaned from the original surviving "Eagle 2" model. This second model was interchangeably used with the first for all the shots needed to maintain deadlines as well as scenes requiring two ships to interact with each other directly. Producers doubted anyone would really perceive the difference when broadcast on the low-resolution TV screens at the time. But of course, Eagle fans know better!

This kit also comes equipped with the exclusive "Laboratory Pod" as it has come to be known, also seen extensively throughout the series, characterized by the distinctive trapezoidal outriggers protruding from the sides.

The decal sheet faithfully reproduces the bathtubs, washing basins, urinals and shower stall symbols used on the original studio model.

Original box art by Jamie Hood

The Eagle was previously available as a pre-assembled display model (without the lab pod).

Eagle 2 laboratory pod supplemental metal parts pack

Box cover

MKA044, released May 2020 ($120)

There were separate aluminium replacement parts for the Eagle 2 kit and the spine booster kit.

Use these all-aluminium, precision machined upgrade parts to take your 22" Eagle 2 Transporter model to the next level. Simply replace corresponding plastic parts included in the kit. Epoxy is recommended to glue these premium quality parts in place on the model.

(Eagle 2 with Lab Pod and Spine Booster Accessory kits sold separately.)

Box art

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi, Todd Morton.