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Eagle Models: Round 2
Eagle Transporter Special Edition

The "Special Edition" of the Round 2 22 inch Eagle model, released in January 2017.

Box art. The box itself is identical to the standard release, but has a paper wrapper, shown below.

The wrapper: "In this edition!"

The poster (46cm x 61cm) of the box art created for the standard release by Jamie Hood

The decal sheet (29cm x 46 cm). The standard decal sheet from the standard release is also included.

Box contents.

The "mini print" signed by Brian Johnson. This is the same format as the autograph cards for the other Round 2 models.

Brian Johnson began a long-lasting career in visual effects by contributing to the classic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey and later worked his way into the position of effects supervisor on Gerry Anderson's iconic Thunderbirds television series before moving on to award winning work on such sci-fi films as The Empire Strikes Back and Alien. His most famous creation was the highly regarded design of the Eagle Transporter spacecraft for Space: 1999 television program.

This release of the MPC 22" Eagle model kit commemorates Mr. Johnson as a tribute to his talent, career and indelible contribution to the annals of science fiction.

Oddly, this is factually incorrect. Johnson did not begin his career with 2001, he began his career with Les Bowie on films including The Day The Earth Caught Fire. Later he worked on Thunderbirds, and only afterwards did he work on 2001.

Also oddly, the top right photo is a Dean Scott image from this website (the Meta Probe is missing the command module, as the photo was a collage created to show the features of the Moonbase model behind). There is no credit.

Thanks to Gordon