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Eagle Models: Die Cast Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey


UK 1976. Made in Hong Kong. No 6372. 25 cents.

Friction Motorized Action!

Die cast friction-drive model, 7.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm in green with plastic pod, logo on side of the pod. The pod came in two different colours- yellow or white, and the logo sticker had colour variations. The colours and design (including framework) are close to the Dinky Eagle Transporter, suggesting Ahi was copying Dinky.

Blister pack in two designs with minor variations. The ATV and Ahi branding are on the card base.

Year 1- pink base

Year 1 art with pink card base, with art of "craters"

Year 1- moonbase

Year 1 art with card base a partial photo of Moonbase Alpha

Year 1 art with no card base (and no Ahi branding or ATV license). Possibly an end-of-run batch to use up the year 1 back card, and avoid the license fees.

Year 2

Year 2 photos, with Moonbase Alpha card base

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.


AQUILA (Harbert)

click for larger image
Picture thanks to Andrea Gualco.

Italy. No 733.

Die cast metal model, repackaged version of Azrak-Hamway Eagle. Green body work, white pod with a sticker on the side showing the logo, red rocket bottles and silver nozzles.

Sold in bubble pack, the card bent under the model. Yellow logo is top left and pierces a disc (as in Year Two design); top right is an Eagle in atmosphere (from "The Metamorph"); bottom right are Koenig & Helena in the Metamorph caves; bottom centre is Bergman; bottom left are astronauts in NDA 2.


Japan. PB-21

Die-cast Eagle. Nose cone and engines detach (and can be connected to a central box to form a new craft). Top of nose cone opens to reveal figures in cockpit. One side of pod has winch handle, the other opens to show interior. The front leg pods fire missiles. It's not much like the real Eagle on the front of the box, but the activity features are fun for kids.

The model is 16cm long, 7cm wide and 3cm tall. More details


Yot Eagle-click for larger view

Taiwan, available in USA. Blister packed die cast model. Four inches long with blue die cast metal (similar colour scheme to the Dinky Eagle Transporter but a smaller, cruder, model).

There are two colour variations: yellow framework and white pod, or white framework and yellow pod.

Available under all 3 names. The 5.5" x 5" EAGLE TRANSPORTER card features art of a striped rescue Eagle launching that is identical to Dinky art, further suggesting they copied Dinky

Pictures thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi Eagle Transporter version

Pictures thanks to David Penn.

Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle

Pictures thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle Yot Eagle


UK 1976; No. 2000

Small 5 cm long die cast metal model of an Eagle (NOT a Hawk). Leg pods have wheels. There were two variations.

Version 1 had blue body work, white girder-work, and reasonably accurate chrome engines. The engines detached easily, even in the packet. This was likely why the redesigned second version was produced.

Version 2 had brighter navy body, grey girder-work with a thinner spine and less distinct framework, and a grey rocket tube in place of the engines at rear.

Sold in 10 x 18 cm bubble pack: unlike others in the series it is a different style and features accurate artwork, not photos. Logo is top, with a Hawk (not an Eagle) passing over it; below is Moonbase.

One of a series of 3 models (others are Zantor's ship and moonbuggy) Also sold in a boxed set of all 3 vehicles (No 341-20). LJN also produced Comlock Communicators.

The back of the card showed other vehicles in the series. LJN's Roadstars brand was a pocket-money competitor to Matchbox cars and Mattel's Hotwheels brand, based on licensed properties.

Images thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.

Version 1 Version 1 Version 2 Version 2 Version 2 detail Version 2 detail

Below: A v1 Roadstars Eagle, pictures thanks to David Penn.

Roadstars Hawk v1 Roadstars Hawk v1

Below: A v1 Roadstars Eagle with non-original wheels (thanks to David Penn).

Roadstars Hawk v1 Roadstars Hawk v1 Roadstars Hawk v1 Roadstars Hawk v1

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