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Eagle Models: Popy Eagle
Compiled by Martin Willey

Space Eagle (Popy)

This feature-packed toy has some features similar to the much larger Mattel Eagle. It's not much like the real Eagle on the front of the box, but the activity features are fun for kids. The model is 16cm long, 7cm wide and 3cm tall.

Popy was founded in 1971 as a subsidiary of the Bandai company, specialising in character toys licensed from TV, filled with play features such as firing rockets. Some of the toys were repackaged in the US by Mattel (notably the Shogun Warrior toy line). The company was absorbed back into Bandai in the mid-1980s.

Popy box back

The back of the box shows the features. The box is 18.5 x 8.5 x 4.8 cm. The model is held in polystyrene within the card box. The person on the left is "Chika Abe" ("A word to Kabagong's space mum", the text praises the interest and creativity of children)

Popy box Popy box Popy box Popy box Popy box Popy box

Instructions. The bottom right part has a token which you can send to Popy in case of lost parts.

Below:Pictures thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

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