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War Games
Character Name Lew
Played by Paul Weston
Sex M
Approx. Age 34
Section Main Mission / Security / Reconnaissance
Episodes 4 episodes
Breakaway Main Mission Operative Lew
End Of Eternity Security Guard
War Games Alphan (sucked into space)
The Seance Spectre Guard/Stunt Arranger

Paul Weston was a stuntman, so his roles were generally stunt roles. In Breakaway he falls against the Main Mission balcony stairs. Helena calls to a nurse bringing in a stretcher "Gloria, help Lew please.". Either Lew is Paul Weston's character, or the medic helping him (Lew Hooper). He gets beaten by Balor twice, first when guarding the medical centre, and later in the corridor fight. In War Games we see him with an orange sleeve sucked out into space. In The Seance Spectre he is beaten up by Sanderson in Medical.

Breakaway Breakaway End Of Eternity End Of Eternity The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre
Breakaway Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes shot of Landau from Breakaway. Paul Weston waits on the stairs, probably for the scene when Helena and the orderly attend to him.

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