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Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson

Dragon's Domain
Character Name Pete Johnson
Played by Robert Arnold
Sex M
Section Reconnaissance
Episodes 4 episodes
Alpha Child Copilot
The Last Sunset Johnson (Copilot)
War Games Copilot Pete Johnson
Dragon's Domain Pete Johnson (Eagle 2 pilot)

Copilot. In War Games he is named on screen as Pete. In the scripts, the character name is Johnson.

Alpha Child Alpha Child "Manual over ride? They're moving very fast."
The Last Sunset The Last Sunset Alan's copilot in the opening scenes. Later he flies Eagle 14: "One Four to Main Mission. We have ignition and lift off."
War Games War Games Copilot to Alan. "We've been hit! We're breaking up!" "A sitting duck"
Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Eagle 2 pilot. "Eagle Two docked on Eagle One, Commander."

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