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Service Section

Service Section

Alphan Actor Episodes Section Transfers
Alibe Alibe Parsons Devil's Planet +2
George Harry Fielder The A B Chrysalis +6 4
Karen Laraine Humphrys End Of Eternity +3
Yasko Yasuko Nagazumi Journey To Where +7
Alphan Laurie Davis Breakaway +5 3
Alphan Alan Harris Breakaway +16
Main Mission Operative Mike Stevens Black Sun +14 2
Sandra Benes Zienia Merton Breakaway +34
Ed Collins Nicholas Campbell A Matter Of Balance
Annette Fraser Anouska Hempel The Metamorph
Melita Kelly Carla Romanelli Space Brain
Dan Mateo Giancarlo Prete The Troubled Spirit
Carolyn Powell Deborah Fallender The Lambda Factor
Jerry Travis Karl Held The Immunity Syndrome
Dr James Warren Anthony Nicholls The Troubled Spirit
Shermeen Williams Lynne Frederick A Matter Of Balance
Eva Zoref Gay Hamilton Force Of Life

18 in section, 157 total

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