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Shermeen Williams

Shermeen Williams

A Matter Of Balance
Character Name Shermeen Williams
Played by Lynne Frederick
Sex F
Approx. Age 21
Section Service
A Matter Of Balance Shermeen Williams Title credit

"Tony's beer is not poison."
"You think it's my fault!"
"But you know I've been collecting specimens from every place we've been to."
"You tried to tell them? It was probably your idea that I don't go! Oh, you're a hypocrite!"
"No harm will come to me on Sunim, Commander."
"Bill? I have a surprise for you. It has a lovely fragrance."
"Left...left..No, no, no, no, the green one. The green one."
"Eddie Collins has a rather interesting theory on plant growth. And Eddie and I need that area for our own cultivating."

In the novelisation Space Jackers by Michael Butterworth, Shermeen's surname is Goodwood.

In the Breakaway adaption Awe (Blam, 2012), Shermeen is aged 10 in September 1999, and her visit to Alpha is a prize for winning the "World Science Fair", with Bergman as judge. She is present with her mother and teacher, and is helped by Dan Mateo to grow flowers in Hydroponics; the virus infection stops flights, stranding her on the base. She is due to fly back with Commander Gorski, but she is late and he leaves without her. During the breakaway, the Hydroponics ceiling collapses, killing her mother and teacher, and Shermeen is rescued by security guard Tony Verdeschi. Bergman decides to bring her up himself. In Blam's Aftershock, we see Shermeen's father, Art in London, who leads a "bring back Alpha" movement urging a mission to locate the moonbase.

A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance A Matter Of Balance

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