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THE SPACE-JACKERS by Michael Butterworth

Star cover -thanks James Poll

Shermeen in A Matter Of Balance is given the surname Goodwood. Butterworth worked from the 7 June version of the script, when Shermeen had no surname; the 20 July script gave her the surname Williams.

Both Simon Hayes and Tony Verdeschi appear in The Exiles (Tony was originally called Simon, and he also appears in Planets of Peril). At one point they both appear together.

Sahn appears as a different character in The Beta Cloud: "Sahn was a standby operator who had taken over the two posts normally manned by Sandra and Yasko." The pilot of Eagle 6 is named Mackinlock, not Graham (Macinlock was Carter's role in The Metamorph).

Star: (no nbr) ISBN 0 352 39648 2 Mar 1977 ; 60p (Aus $2.20, NZ $1.90, Mlta 65c)
Warner: (nbr 3) ISBN 0 446 88343-3 May 1977 ; $1.50
Mikasa Novels (Japan): 死の標的! ("Target of Death!") Translated by Masao Mitani
15 July 1977. 230 pages.
Bastei: (nbr 25 003) "Der Doppelganger" ("The Doppelganger")
ISBN 3 404 00780 8
1977 ; DM 3,80 Translation by Dr Ingrid Rothmann
Apex Compilation: "Mondstation 1999, Band 2" ("Space:1999 Volume 2")
ISBN 978-3-7487-2357-8 (and other editions)
December 2019
Revised in Space: 1999 Year Two (Powys; 2006)
Star back cover -thanks James Poll


After weeks of uneventful flight, the Alphans once again journey into perils which threaten their imminent annihilation. The Moon Base becomes the target of unknown aliens determined to secure the Alphans' vital power supplies to ensure their own survival.

A bizarre, jewel-like asteroid containing the microcosmic Heart of Kalthon which demands vast energy supplies to convert it to its original size...

An evil, ghost-like visitor from the Anti-Matter Universe seeking to materialise his dying race in the Positive Universe ...

Strange humanoid life-forms kept in suspended animation and doomed to die unless awoken ...

A mysterious dust cloud protecting a monstrous creature sent to steal the Alphans' life support system ...


Things are seldom what they seem as Moon Base Alpha spins through space. Can the members of the crew trust anyone-even one another? Surely John Koenig knows what he is doing. Then why is he beaming Alpha's vital energy supplies down to the surface of a strange asteroid? And is Shermeen making friends with an enemy when she confides in the visitor Vindrus? Have the Moon's inhabitants happened upon sleeping beauty in the bodies of Cantar and Zava slumbering in suspended animation - or have they discovered living death? And is The Cloud, that enters their very ship so insidiously, a substantial threat to their lives?

Commander John Koenig tastete Sich zögernd vorwärts. Alle seine Sinne waren gespannt. Die glasartigen Wände des Höhlenganges strahlten ein unwirkliches Licht aus. Als Koenig die Schritte hörte und herumzuckte, war es bereits zu spät.
Der Mann, der ihm gegenüberstand, war sein genaues Ebenbild. Koenig hatte das Gefühl, in einen Spiegel zu blicken. Doch sein vermeintliches Spiegelbild führte ein unheimliches Eigenleben. Das Gesicht war haßverzerrt. Ehe der echte Koenig seine Laserwaffe ziehen konnte, stürzte sein Ebenbild auf ihn zu.
Die Hände des Unheimlichen legten Sich wie stählerne Klammern um den Hals des Commanders...

Commander John Koenig tentatively groped his way forward. All of his senses were excited. The glass-like walls of the cave passage radiated an unreal light. When Koenig heard the steps and flinched, it was already too late.
The man who faced him was his exact likeness. Koenig felt like he was looking in a mirror. But his supposed reflection mirrored an eerie life of his own. The face was contorted with hatred. Before the real Koenig could draw his laser weapon, his likeness rushed towards him.
The uncanny hands clasped like steel brackets around the Commander's neck ...

広大な宇宙の中の一点 いまは無窮の空間の放浪者となった月面基地 アルファは、彼らの生命維持に不可欠なチラニウムを求めて旅をつづけた。 しかしその旅は、つねに死と背中あわせの、いくたの危難に満ちたものて あった。これまで未知の宇宙からの非情な挑戦にも、鋼鉄のような団結 と、サイコンの娘マヤの超人的能力とて、敢然とこれを斥けてきた。しか しいま、彼らの行く手に待ちうけているのは、これまての危機をはるかに しのくものてあった。すてに死減したはずの異星人が、その種を蘇生させ るためのエネルギーを求めて、アルファ基地乗っ取リに来襲したのだ……。 謎の星カルソンの"心臓"とは? 怪惑星スニムからの使者とは?

A point in the vast universe, now a wanderer of the immaculate space, the lunar base Alpha continued its journey in search of the essential titanium needed to sustain their lives. But the journey was always full of danger, with death and peril. Until now, even with a ruthless challenge from the unknown universe, they have dared to reject it with steel-like unity and the superhuman ability of Maya of Psychon's daughter. However, what awaits them was far beyond the crisis of the past. An alien, who should have died came to the Alpha base to take over and seek energy to revive the species ... What is the "heart" of the mysterious star Kalthon? What is the messenger from Monster Planet Sunim?

Copyright Martin Willey