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Compiled by Martin Willey

THE PSYCHOMORPH by Michael Butterworth

Star: (no nbr) ISBN 0 352 39620 2 ; Jun 1977 ; 70p (Aus $2.55, NZ $2.20, Mlta 75c)
Warner: (nbr 4) ISBN 0 446 88344 ; Jun 1977 ; $1.50
Bastei: (nbr 25 004) "Der Weltenfresser" ("The World Eater")
ISBN 3 404 00800 6
1977 ; DM 3,80 Translation by Leni Sobez
Apex Compilation: "Mondstation 1999, Band 1" ("Space:1999 Volume 1")
ISBN 978-3-7487-2049-2 (and other editions)
November 2019
Revised in Space: 1999 Year Two (Powys; 2006)


Continuing its journey through space, the Moon Base enters an unknown area of invisible radiation, transforming the Alpha personnel into super psychics capable of fulfilling their every wish merely by thought. Koenig decides to investigate the roots of this potentially dangerous situation - but with disastrous results.

While he recovers from his mind-shattering experience, the Moon receives some unexpected and welcome visitors. Aboard what seems to be a Superswift from Earth are longlost friends and relations who the Alphans believed they would never live to see again, But only Koenig sees the truth - the visitation is nothing but a mass hallucination disguising the terrifying invasion of jelly-like aliens - and somehow he must find a way to alert the others before it is too late ...


Know your enemy to defeat him is an important battle rule, but now the Alphans must fight an adversary they cannot see - a million-mile-wide space amoeba that is struggling to stay alive. To get the energy it needs to revitalize its dying tissues, the organism must find a new source of energy. Shapeless, invisible but incredibly ingenious, it surrounds the Moon Base and invades it through its most vulnerable defenses: the minds of its inhabitants. Too weak to act forcibly, it deludes the Alphans into initiating their own destruction.

Seit undenkbaren Zeiten durchraste die Raumamöbe das Universum. Sie hatte Sterne geschluckt, Welten ausradiert, ganze Zivilisationen in Sich eingesogen. Doch auch die Amöbe war dem Tod geweiht. Die Energiequellen, die in ihrer Reichweite lagen, waren erschöpft. Sie war dazu verurteilt, langsam zu erkalten und schließlich zu sterben.
Doch noch einmal bäumte Sich ihr Lebenswille auf.
Ein Mond näherte Sich ihr. Mit ihren unzähligen Augen und Sensoren konnte sie eine winzige Siedlung auf der Oberfläche des Himmelskörpers ausmachen. Eine Inschrift auf einem der Gebäude verriet ihr den Namen der Station: Mondbasis Alpha 1

The space amoeba has been racing through the universe since time immemorial. She had swallowed stars, erased worlds, absorbed entire civilizations. But the amoeba was also doomed to die. The sources of energy within their reach were exhausted. She was doomed to slowly cool down and eventually die.
But once again her will to live reared.
A moon was approaching her. With her countless eyes and sensors, she could make out a tiny settlement on the surface of the celestial body. An inscription on one of the buildings told her the name of the station: moon base Alpha.

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