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Space 1999 Year Two by Michael Butterworth, J Jeff Jones

Year Two

Powys. Revised adaptions of all 24 Year 2 episodes, limited edition of 100 (autographed by Michael Butterworth), with second edition of 100 (not autographed)
Hardcover 220mm x 285mm with white dust jacket, 442 pages with foreword by Butterworth and afterword by Mateo Latosa
1 April 2006, $100

Revised compilation of individual novels:

It also contains a novelisation of the episode The Taybor, not adapted in the original novels.

Powys books Year One and Year Two omnibus editions

It is a companion volume to Space: 1999 Year One (2020)

Dust jacket inner flap

SPACE: 1999 YEAR TWO By Michael Butterworth

Initially published as six individual books, this omnibus edition, newly revised by the author, contains all the episode novelizations from the original editions plus--for the first time--the novelization of The Taybor.

In addition, this volume presents the episodes in a corrected order, following the chronological dating convention employed in the television series.

In this precedent-setting edition, the texts have been revised and amended to ensure a consistent connected continuity with the first season of SPACE: 1999--YEAR ONE--and with the line of original novels already published and forth-coming from Powys Media. The goal is to create a single, unified, internally consistent literary epic tale.


The white dust jacket covers the handsome black hardcover, with gold embossed lettering.

Signing page, title page, forward and the double-column layout of the main text.

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