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Eternity Unbound by William Latham

Eternity Unbound 1st edition Eternity Unbound 2nd edition

Powys. 1st edition: 31 March 2005
2nd edition: 2017
303 pages
comprises Eternity Unleashed (Balor's rise and fall), End of Eternity (a new and expanded novelisation), and Resurrection (a new and expanded version).

He saw a future without pain, without suffering, without end.
He unlocked the mysteries of life and death, and united a world, launching a new age. Only to find that death was sacred. That life without death led to damnation. And salvation would be pain and suffering.
From the depths of madness, he will change a world, forging a new path leading ultimately to exile in the far reaches of space.
Where he will face eternity...alone.
Until a chance meeting offers him a chance to rule once more. But his new subjects will come not from his world, but from ours.

Here is the complete saga of Bator of Progron:
ETERNITY UNLEASHED chronicles his ascent from outsider to honored scientist, from ruthless despot to imprisoned exile.
END OF ETERNITY is a new, expanded retelling of Johnny Byrne's classic story of Bator's first encounter with Commander Koenig and Moonbase Alpha.
RESURRECTION is the dark novel of Bator's final revenge. where death stalks the corridors of Alpha and Commander John Koenig becomes the Alphans' greatest threat.
All three exciting stories are collected together in this one limited-edition volume - a Space: 1999 novel like no other published before!

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