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Compiled by Martin Willey

MIND-BREAKS OF SPACE by Michael Butterworth & J. Jeff Jones

Apex volume 2 2019
Star: (not numbered) ISBN 0 352 39665 2 Feb 1977 ; 60p (Aus $2.20, NZ $1.90, Mlta 65c)
Allan Wingate: (hb, not numbered) Jan 1978
Warner: (nbr 2) ISBN 0 446 88342 Apr 1977 ; $1.50
Mikasa Novels (Japan): 狂った宇宙! ("Crazy Universe!") Translated by Keishi Masaki
25 May 1977. 220 pages.
Bastei: (nbr 25 002) "Die Unheimlich Kraft" ("The Uncanny Power")
ISBN 3 404 00769 7
1977 ; DM 3,80 Translation by Leni Sobez
Apex Compilation: "Mondstation 1999, Band 2" ("Space:1999 Volume 2")
ISBN 978-3-7487-2357-8 (and other editions)
December 2019
Revised in Space: 1999 Year Two (Powys; 2006)


As Moon Base Alpha is drawn inexorably off course by an intense and inexplicable gravitational force, the Alphans are compelled to contend with hazards that menace their survival as much as the ever- diminishing supply of Tiranium, essential to their life-support system.

An uninhibited, glib-talking computer seeking immortality ...

Two members of an ancient stellar travelling race afflicted with the dreaded Mark of Archanon ...

A fanatic prone to prescient visions who foresees the imminent destruction of the Moon Base...

A race of rebellious androids who want to provoke the Alphans to hate and murder, so they can be programmed to do it themselves..


Powerful as the gravitational force that draws Moon Base Alpha off its preordained course are the strange minds that seek to use the Breakaway Moon for their own ends. A computer that has destroyed its masters. A father and son who so endangered their own civilization that they have been exiled forever. A fanatic obsessed with his own fiery visions of the future. And androids who can simulate all things human, even hatred, if they can incite a human being into being a model...

In rasendem Stakkato hämmerte der Bordcomputer von Alpha 1 die neuen Kursdaten aus dem Terminal. Konzentriert verfolgte Commander John Koenig die zuckenden Symbole auf dem Monitor des Elektronengehirns.
Er stöhnte auf, als er begriff, was die Symbole zu bedeuten hatten. Sein Gesicht war grau, in seinen Augen flackerte das nackte Entsetzen, als er Sich umwandte und die Mitglieder seiner Mannschaft der Reihe nach musterte.
»Das ist der Untergang. Wir werden von einer unheimlichen Kraft auBer Kurs gebracht. Unsere Energievorräte reichen nicht aus, um dieser Kraft zu widerstéhen.« Er wischte Sich fahrig den Schweiß von der Stirn. Seine Lippen zitterten. »Uns bleibt nur noch eine kleine Chance. Wir müssen Alpha 1 verlassen. Als euer Kommandant gebe ich euch den Befehl: Alles fertigmachen zum Verlassen der Station!«
Entsetzte Augen starrten ihn an. Niemand sagte ein Wort. chwerfällig schickten die Männer und Frauen Sich an, die Kommando-Zentrale zu verlassen.
John Koenig ließ Sich in seinen Kontursessel sinken. »Gott stehe euch bei«, murmelte er.

The on-board computer from Alpha hammered the new course data out of the terminal in frenzied staccato. Commander John Koenig watched the twitching symbols on the monitor of the electronic brain.
He groaned as he understood what the symbols meant. His face was gray, the horror flickering in his eyes as he turned and eyed the members of his team in turn.
"This is our doom. We are moved off course by an uncanny force. Our energy reserves are not enough to withstand this force. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. His lips trembled. "We have only a small chance left. We have to leave Alpha. As your commander, I give you the order: get everything ready to leave the base!"
Shocked eyes stared at him. Nobody said a word. The men and women began to leave the command center.
John Koenig sank into his chair. "God help you," he murmured.

1999年9月13日—核燃料廃棄物の爆発て、月は軌道から放リ出され、 月面基地アルファの人員は、そのまま大宇宙の放浪者となった。……未知 の宇宙の深淵をさまよう彼らは、いま、謎の超重力発生体と遭遇した。正 体不明の何ものかが、恐るべき力て月の進路をねじ曲げ、引きよせている のだ! なお驚いたことに、地球製の宇宙船がI台、彼らの前に姿を現わ し応乗っていたのは、遭難した星間使節団の唯一の生き残リというコン ピューター人間。それが月面基地へやってくると、基地全体のコンビュー ターが変調をきたしてしまった。そればかりか、核燃料チラニウムのスト ックがとぽしくなリ、採掘隊は地中深くねむる宇宙人の"生きている死体” を掘リ当てる。月のゆくてには燃えさかる炎の嵐が待ちうけていた……

September 13, 1999 - The moon was released from orbit following the explosion of nuclear fuel waste, leaving the personnel at Lunar Base Alpha to become wanderers of the universe.... Wandering through the abyss of an unknown universe, they now encounter a mysterious supergravity generator. Something unidentified is twisting and pulling the moon's path with a formidable force! To their surprise, there is an Earth-made spaceship, and in front of them was a computer human being, the only survivor of the disastrous interstellar mission. When it came to the lunar base, the whole base's course changed. Not only that, but the stock of nuclear fuel Tiranium is dead, and the mining team digs out the "living corpse" of an alien who sleeps deep in the ground. A blazing storm of flames awaited as the moon went on...

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