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Comics: Blam! Ventures
Compiled by Martin Willey

Blam! Ventures specializes in comic books/graphic novels reviving classic science fiction shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s, the first title of which is Planet Of The Apes. The titles are published by Archaia Press.

The Space: 1999 comic book series was announced in 2009 with a dramatic poster art of the Moon exploding over the Earth. The initial release date (13th September 2009) slipped, as did the date in 2010 and February 2011. The first electronic editions appeared in July 2012, with print versions available from October 2012. Electronic versions were available through the Comixology digital comics service.

In 2023, reprinted the compilations To Everything That Was followed by Aftershock and Awe. More details

Poster 1 Poster 2


Awe issue 2 page

Digital editions $2.99 each, physical editions $6.99 each.

Digital edition, 2 issues (15 August 2012). An adaption of the episode Breakaway, including scenes filmed but cut from the original episode. It expands on the original comic adaption by Gray Morrow in the Charlton black and white comic, and some Neal Adams art from the Power Records comic (notably Awe #1 cover). Writer Andrew Gaska, art Gray Morrow (original), Miki, David Hueso.

Awe no 1

29 pages, 11 July 2012

Awe issue 1 cover

Awe no 2

34 pages, 15 August 2012

Awe issue 2 cover

Awe no 1 Dragon edition

new wraparound cover for the DragonCon convention (31 Aug 2012)

Awe issue 1 DragonCon cover

Awe part 1 and 2

Oversized black and white Charlton edition, 14 September 2012, $19.99

Awe Alpha 2012 cover


Aftershock issue 1 page

Digital editions $2.99 each, physical editions $6.99 each.

Digital edition, 3 issues (starting number 3, as it continues from parts 1 and 2 of Awe). Co-written by Blam!'s Andrew C Gaska with John Kenneth Muir (author of several books for Powys), and drawn by Spanish artist David Hueso and Miki. It tells the story of what happened to the Earth after the moon blasted out of orbit.

Aftershock no 3

31 pages, 12 September 2012

Aftershock issue 1 cover
Aftershock issue 1 cover

Aftershock no 3 Alpha 2012 edition

14 September 2012, $10

Aftershock issue Alpha 2012 edition cover

Aftershock no 4

12 October 2012

Aftershock issue 2 cover
Aftershock issue 2 cover

Aftershock no 5

12 November 2012

Aftershock issue 3 cover

Space: 1999 Classic (Classics Remastered)

Digital editions $2.99 each, physical editions $6.99 each.

Digital edition, updated versions of original 1970s comics from Charlton and Look-In. 11 issues. The dialogue and text are updated, to be more adult and modern, and artwork is coloured and updated (ITC insisted that Koenig and Helena should not resemble Landau and Bain).

Classic page Mike Noble page John Byrne page John Burns page

Classic No.1

30 pages, 1 August 2012. Part 1 of The Metamorph. Art by Gray Morrow (original), Miki.

Classic issue 1 cover

Classic No.1 Dragon edition

new wraparound cover for the DragonCon convention (31 Aug 2012)

Classic issue 1 Dragon con cover

Classic No.2

29 August 2012, 28 pages. Conclusion of The Metamorph, plus Cornucopia (Charlton #1) and The Mind of the Snark part 1 (Charlton #2).
Cover is a flipped version of the Edgar Hodges cover painting for the 1979 annual

Classic issue 2 cover

Classic No.3

26 September 2012, 27 pages. Part 2 of The Mind of the Snark part 1 (Charlton #2), plus Seeds Of Doubt (Charlton #1)

Classic issue 3 cover

Classic No.4

12 October 2012, 28 pages. Look-In story 3, art by John M Burns (titled "The Spirit of Kalax"); part 1 of story 5, art by Mike Noble (titled "The Long Man")

Classic issue 4 cover

Classic No.5

19 December 2012, 26 pages. Part 2 of Look-In story 5, art by Mike Noble, plus The Old Gods are not Eternal (Charlton #3).

Classic issue 5 cover

Classic No.6

9 January 2013, 22 pages. Demon Star, art by John Byrne (Charlton color #4).

Classic issue 6 cover

Classic No.7

20 February 2013, 29 pages. Demon Star conclusion, E Pluribus Unum (Charlton black/white #2) art by Vincente Alcazar.

Classic issue 7 cover

Classic No.8

10 April 2013, 30 pages. The Infinity Mechanism (Charlton black/white #7) art by Vincente Alcazar.

Classic issue 8 cover

Classic No.9

1 May 2013, 27 pages. Survival art by John Byrne.

Classic issue 9 cover

Classic No.10

5 June 2013, 33 pages. Zugzwang art by Gray Morrow; Rebellion (Look-In story 8) art by Mike Noble.

Classic issue 10 cover

Classic No.11

26 June 2013, 32 pages. Art by John Burns "The Promise" (Look-In story 9), Mike Noble "Homecoming" (Look-In story 10).

Classic issue 11 cover

Classic To Everything That Was (Omnibus Edition)

September 2013. $29.99. The Gray Morrow cover art was made for Charlton but unpublished except as a HG Toys jigsaw.

  • Book 1: Sleight of Hand... State of Mind
    • The Spirit of Kalax (Look-In story 3)
    • The Long Man (Look-In story 5)
    • Cornucopia (Charlton #1)
    • The Mind of the Snark (Charlton #2)
    • Seeds of Doubt (Charlton #1)
  • Book 2: Ancient Aliens, New Worlds
    • Demon Star (Charlton color #4)
    • The Gods Are Not Eternal (Charlton #3)
    • E Pluribus Unum (Charlton #2)
  • Book 3: Of Mice and Mandroids
    • The Infinity Mechanism (Charlton #7)
    • Flotsam (Charlton color #6)
    • Endgame (Charlton #1)
  • Book 4: Beyond the Second Cycle
  • Everything That Was- chronology
  • Cover Gallery
Cover art
Classic To Everything That Was

Space: 1999 Classic Noir

Black and white comics reprinted from the Classic series, as comic convention exclusives. The black and white art and distressed covers is intended to evoke classic pulp comics from the 1970s. Limited to 99 copies, $14.99 each. The third was never commercially released.

1: Sleight of Hand, State of Mind

CGS Super Show (April 6th and 7th 2013, Reading, Pennsylvania)

  • The Long Man from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.4 and 5
  • Cornucopia from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.2
  • Mind of the Snark from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.2 and 3
  • Seeds of Doubt from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.3
Classic Noir 1 cover

2: Ancient Aliens, New Worlds

C2E2 (26-28 April 2013, Chicago, Illinois)

  • The Spirit of Kalax from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.4
  • Demon Star from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.6 and 7
  • The Old Gods Are Not Enternal from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.5
  • E Pluribus Unum from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.7
Classic Noir 2 cover

3: Beyond the Second Cycle

A test print run of 20, never commercially released.

  • The Metamorph from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.1 and 2
  • Rebellion from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.10
  • The Promise from SPACE:1999 CLASSICS no.11
Classic Noir 3 cover

4: Of Mice and Mandroids

Never released

Aftershock and Awe

New York comic con edition Aftershock and Awe cover

A planned follow-up story, Mission: Alphaprobe, followed an Earth rescue mission which travels to Alpha, meeting alien races that we have seen in the episodes.

Further stories were planned with old and new characters from Moonbase Alpha (literally a "Space 1999 Next Generation").

Below: cover and page artwork from David Hueso's portfolio.

Aftershock cover Aftershock cover Aftershock cover