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John Kenneth Muir

John Kenneth Muir in the 2019 Shout! Factory documentary

John Kenneth Muir was born in 1969. He is film critic, in books and an internet blog, specialising in horror and science fiction subjects. Book subjects have included Kevin Smith, Sam Raimi, and vintage TV series including Dr Who, Blakes 7 and Battlestar Galactica. He has interviewed Johnny Byrne. His first book was the non-fiction Exploring Space: 1999 (1997), and he appears in the documentary "Moonbase Merc" on the Shout! Factory Space: 1999 Blu-ray (2019). He wrote the introduction to the hardcover edition of the Blam comicbook Aftershock and Awe (2012), and the afterword to the Powys title Odysseus Wept (2023).

Title Author(s) First Publication
The ForsakenJohn Kenneth Muir2003
Shepherd Moon Stories "The Touch of Venus" and "Futility"2010
The Whispering SeaJohn Kenneth Muir2014

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