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Compiled by Martin Willey

The Forsaken by John Kenneth Muir

Foresaken Forsaken (alternative cover)

Powys. foreword by Prentis Hancock
published with 2 different covers
January 2003; $15
Reissue with corrections: 24 January 2013; $12.15
259 pages
Chronology: Transitional Year 1 - 2. The 2013 edition corrects some typos.

A mysterious signal is intercepted...
The collective voice of a dying race..
A plaintive call to forces beyond human ken
Vet in the ruins of a civilization...hope
A chance for a new life. a new home?
Or a deception...?
Sinister forces are still at work
Forces Of destruction and genocide
That transform Alphans...into Angels of Death


After Year 1.


Pyxidea, populated by the dying alien race, the Cryptodira.


Sets up changes between Year 1 and Year 2.

Copyright Martin Willey