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Compiled by Martin Willey

The Forsaken by John Kenneth Muir

Foresaken Forsaken (alternative cover)

Powys. foreword by Prentis Hancock
published with 2 different covers
January 2003; $15
Reissue with corrections: 24 January 2013; $12.15
259 pages
Chronology: Transitional Year 1 - 2. The 2013 edition corrects some typos.

A mysterious signal is intercepted...
The collective voice of a dying race..
A plaintive call to forces beyond human ken
Vet in the ruins of a civilization...hope
A chance for a new life. a new home?
Or a deception...?
Sinister forces are still at work
Forces Of destruction and genocide
That transform Alphans...into Angels of Death


After Year 1.

Copyright Martin Willey