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Anna Wong

Anna Wong

Character Name Anna Wong
Played by Chai Lee
Sex F
Section Main Mission / Medical
Episodes 5 episodes
Breakaway Main Mission Operative (Anna Wong)
Matter Of Life And Death Main Mission Operative (Anna Wong)
Black Sun Main Mission Operative (Anna Wong)
The Full Circle Alpha Nurse
The Taybor Sunbathing Alphans

She is a Main Mission Operative in the first three episodes (Breakaway, Matter Of Life and Death, Black Sun). She was scripted with a line in Ring Around The Moon (she is looking out the window at Koenig and Carter's Eagle; she calls "Professor Bergman!" as it is inundated in light). She wasn't in the filmed episode, and had no lines of dialogue in any episode. Later in the series she reappears as a nurse (Full Circle). In Year 2 we see her in a bikini in The Taybor.

Her hairstyle is different in each of her episodes.

According to the script of Ring Around The Moon and the entry for Chai Lee in the industry directory "Spotlight" for 1975, her character name was Anna Wong.

Breakaway Breakaway Matter of Life And Death
Breakaway Breakaway

In Breakaway, Chai Lee is standing behind Christopher Matthews when Koenig enters Main Mission, and Koenig passes her without any introductions. Before the breakaway begins, she is standing at a keyboard at the front of the desks. She is in the foreground of the shot when Alan enters Main Mission, just before Koenig's all-sections speech. She has a good close-up when Sandra turns to her, as they watch the Meta signal at the end of the episode.

Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death

In Matter Of Life And Death she is seated at a desk, alongside Andy Dempsey. Her hair is now worn long (as it is The Taybor). When the Alpha staff are watching Koenig and Helena on Terra Nova, she is standing in the foreground for one shot.

Black Sun Black Sun

At the start of Black Sun, Chai Lee is standing at her keyboard in front of the Big Screen again. She isn't seen much in the episode until the reunion at the end, when she is seen greeting Toshiro Fujita. Her hair is in a bun for this episode (and also The Full Circle).

The Full Circle The Taybor

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