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Jack McKenzie

Jack McKenzie

Character Name
Played by Jack McKenzie
Sex M
Section Technical
Episodes 4 episodes
Breakaway Technician
Black Sun Technician
Earthbound Technician
The Last Sunset Technician

He works with Smitty in Main Power Unit, and is seen on the same set in two episodes. "I raise you a hundred, Smitty". He grows a beard and is held hostage in Earthbound. He was in the Technical section and corridor scenes in The Last Sunset, and can just be seen behind Bergman in one shot. Thanks to Fergus.

He was one of the background technicians in Technical (preparing the Meta Probe launch) in Breakaway

The actor remembers "For several days I walked in slow motion across the surface of the moon in an orange spacesuit" (2022 convention). He wasn't part of the on-screen rescue party in Ring Around The Moon, but he may have been a stand-in for that sequence.

Breakaway Technician in corridor (behind Gorski), flight control
See call sheet
Black Sun In Main Power Unit, later plays poker Black Sun Black Sun
Earthbound Again in Main Power Unit, held hostage
See call sheet
Earthbound Earthbound
The Last Sunset Technician in background, fits new window The Last Sunset

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