The Catacombs The Production Guide
Script To Screen: Breakaway
by Martin Willey

Script To Screen

The original shooting schedule for Breakaway published 29th November 1973 showed 12 days filming, finishing on 18th December. At the start of January 1974 they published their third shooting schedule, and would eventually reach 26 days of filming.

Thursday 3rd January 1974 was the 20th day of shooting. There are 2 different sets, both of which had started on earlier filming days.


The first set is the Moonbase corridor, built on stage H. This begins with scene 19, when Koenig and Bergman meet Gorski, and follows with all the other corridor scenes in the episode. Scene 19 probably started filming on 2nd January and is concluded today.


The other set is the waste area 2 depot, where Bergman and Helena watch the astronauts in the opening scenes, and later when Koenig and Bergman fight with Collins. Originally it had been planned to shoot all the depot scenes on one day (12th December). These shots started filming the previous week (there are audio recordings from 28th December), and the shooting schedule has most of them to complete on Friday 4th January. Much of these scenes will be re-shot much later (February 21,22,25 and 26, 1974), removing one character who was present.

This call sheet comes from actor Jack McKenzie, who appeared in the corridor scenes. See the detailed breakdown below.

DATE: THURSDAY, 3rd January, 1974 UNIT CALL: 8.30a.m.


A). INT. CORRIDOR/RECEPTION. Sc.19pt.,127A,142A,142C,151.
MARTIN LANDAU KOENIG 321 7.30a.m. 8.30a.m.
BARRY MORSE BERGMAN 324 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
PHILIP MADOC GORSKI 335 7.45a.m. 8.30a.m.
VALERIE VAN OST OPERATOR A 327 7.45a.m. 8.30a.m.
TONY ALLYN 2ND SECURITY MAN 326 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
JACK McKENZIE 4TH TECHNICIAN 325 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
Extra Artistes:
6 Women 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
6 Men 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
3 Guards 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
Stand Ins:
John Clifford for Mr. Landau 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
Tony Allen for Mr. Morse 8.00a.m. 8.30a.m.
Props: Ccommlocks, Koenig's briefcase, files.
Electrical: Light change Sc.142C,151.
Electronic: Operator/corridor link: Both composts
Readout or corridor/corridor link: both composts
Synch replay Koenig's speech Sc.148pt.

B).INT.N.D.A.2 & CORRIDOR Sc.Nos.3pt.,7pt.,9pt.,11pt.,13pt.,32A,36pt.,38A,40pt.,42,
BARBARA BAIN HELENA 322 9.30a.m. 11.30a.m.
BARRY MORSE BERGMAN 324 from above
MICHAEL SHEARD GUNDLACH 336 10.30a.m. 11.30a.m.
ERIC CARTE COLLINS 10.30a.m. 11.30a.m.
STEVE EMERSON 1ST SECURITY GUARD 328 10.30a.m. 11.30a.m.
Stunt Artistes:
Alf Joint Stunt Arranger required 8.30a.m.
Paul Weston Stunt Double Mr. Landau required from 9.30a.m.
George Leech " " Mr. Morse " " 9.30a.m.
Joe Dunne " " Mr. Carte " " 9.30a.m.
Extra Artistes:
Quentin Pierre Security Guard " " 9.30a.m.
Stand Ins:
John Clifford for Mr. Landau from above
Suzanne Heimer for Miss Bain required from 9.00a.m.
Tony Allen for Mr. Morse from above
Sp.Fx: Blow out equipment for Sc.42.
Art Dept: 1.Labels for Astronauts Monitors
2.Flat for Linkup/Operators Office
3.Toffee glass sandwiched Toffe Glass with repeats
4.Dressing for blow out fxs.
5. Perspex shield for blow fxs.Sc.42.
Props: Stunguns, commlocks, camera, notebook, files, mattresses, dummy, oscilloscopes
(with repeats),crash helmet, crash boxes.
Camera: High speed R.35 required.


CALL SHEET No.20 CONT'D. Page 2.
Electronics: 1). 2 practical oscilloscopes - readings as scripted.
2). 4 practical monitors
3). T.V. Link up N.D.A./Operator's Office
4). Video playback of Ext. N.D.A.2 to cover above scenes.
Wardrobe: Helmet for breaking of window.Sc.42.
Fire Dept: Smoke alarms to be removed on M Stage.

CATERING: H Stage for 80 people a.m. break
M Stage for 80 people p.m. break
RUSHES: Theatre 2 at 5.30pm.
TRANSPORT: 1). Joe Himpfen to collect Mr. Landau at 6.45a.m.
2). Joe Himpfen to collect Miss Bain at 8.30a.m.
3). Unit car No.1 to collect Mr. Morse at 7.15a.m.

Assistant Director.


In scene 19, Koenig leaves the travel tube with Bergman and meets Commander Gorski ("You've no doubt had a tedious journey"). Lots of Alphans are moving around, while the Operator (Valerie Van Ost) is seen talking on the communications post screens. All these Alphans will be the same personnel seen in the following corridor scenes. Fran Miller is quite prominent in these shots, standing to the side in front of the post. Guard Tony Allyn can be glimpsed behind Gorski towards the end of the scene. Others seen in this shot are Lew Hooper (medic), Alan Harris and Janice Hills. Jack McKenzie isn't clearly seen.

Breakaway Breakaway

Scene 127A occurs during the breakaway, as the Alphans are thrown to the sides of the corridor. Guard Tony Allyn is prominent, as is Alan Harris.

Breakaway Behind The Scenes Breakaway Behind The Scenes

Scenes 142A and 142C are both cut scenes, but publicity photos exist for 142A. Paul Morrow calls "all sections report", and we hear the sections reporting. The first report, from Security Section, would have shown Tony Allyn in the corridor; instead we hear his dialogue in Main Mission "Security Section. We have audio contact... Video system's gone." In scene 142B, a technician would report from Technical Section that they have "2 casualties, one serious" (instead we hear "Service Section" in Main Mission saying they have "lost all power"). In scene 142C, that technician (possibly Jack McKenzie from his credit in this call sheet) steps out from technical into a gloomy, emergency lit corridor.


In scene 151, Alphans gather to hear Koenig's announcement. Lew Hooper is in the centre here, with Janice Hills behind the communications post. In the opening scene 19, the screens had shown Valerie Van Ost "live", with a TV camera on the actress to the side of the stage. Here, Martin Landau is a video recording from scene 148, filmed on 17th and 18th December (see call sheet, which notes that Koenig's dialogue must be telecine recorded).

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway

From 11:30am the cast and crew moved to stage M to resume filming the waste depot sequences. Scenes 3 to 13 include all the shots with Helena and Bergman watching the astronauts checking the radiation levels. All these scenes are "pt"(part), indicating they were mostly done on the previous 4 filming days. Scenes 32 to 42 are the shots with Koenig and Bergman, with pilot Collins, and includes the fight with stunt doubles and the window exploding to decompress the room (with toffee glass).

Despite spending up to 6 days filming these scenes, both sequences had extensive reshoots much later, and only parts of them remain in the episode.


The reason that almost all the opening scenes would be replaced was because it originally included three people, Helena, Bergman and Gundlach, and more exposition dialogue. To trim the scene down, they removed the actor, Michael Sheard (he would later guest star in Dragon's Domain). Apart from tight close-ups of Helena and perhaps Bergman, little of the original scenes survive.


The window, smashed by Collins, explodes into space. The broken glass is toffee glass, made from slowly heated sugar with a little corn syrup to stop it crystallising. The clear sugar glass is very brittle, breaking easily but without hard sharp edges. Recent productions use plastic breakaway glass, which is less likely to melt under hot studio lights. The spacesuit helmet that Collins using is also a special "crash helmet", as the fibreglass prop helmets could be damaged. The call sheet also specifies both practical oscilloscopes (that is, real ones) and dummies which would be pushed over during the fight.

Breakaway Breakaway

They would also re-film the scenes with Eric Carte as Collins. Most of the fight sequence is original, but additional shots of Collins were added. There were a number of continuity issues to these shots. Carte has longer hair, a different style of spacesuit collar, and the computer panels beyond have changed, because the set was rebuilt from scratch.