The Catacombs Dialogue
Victor Bergman Dialogue

Victor Bergman

Barry Morse

Total dialogue: 761 lines.

Breakaway (49)

  1. Alright, Nordstrom. We're watching you closely.
  2. You're really making a thorough check.
  3. So far their brain activity's normal.
  4. Good, Steiner. Thank you.
  5. Security.Get out there and bring Nordstrom in.
  6. Decontamination area. Come on.
  7. Well, John.
  8. Yes, I, ah, I got caught.Things are far more serious than I suspect you've been told.
  9. People are dying up here, John.
  10. The virus infection.
  11. Oh, I'm sure he'll survive.
  12. Hmm.
  13. John, I just don't know. It looks very much like radiation, but, um-
  14. There is no radiation.
  15. Oh..
  16. Oh, of course, I understand.
  17. Yes. But the problem here may affect the Meta Probe. Doctor Russell has some interesting ideas.
  18. Well, he couldn't have told you all that much. Commander Gorski refused to let her report any of her findings.
  19. Look. Why don't you talk to her?
  20. Some land mark.
  21. There's no radiation, John. I've checked it out. Count's normal.
  22. No, they've moved on to Area Two. This one hasn't been used for five years.
  23. All right, according to reports. It's constantly monitored.
  24. Hmm. So far.
  25. That seems to prove the radiation count here's within safe limits.
  26. Hmm.
  27. Seems not.
  28. Stun him!
  29. Yes, but the problem here may affect the Meta Probe.
  30. Right. I'll be with you.
  31. Here.
  32. Let's have a look at that.
  33. The magnetic field's expanding. We can't measure it. Get him away from there quickly.
  34. Hmm. Look at this.It's a monitoring device from the old Area One. It was used to record the magnetic output from the artificial gravity system there.When the Area was closed down it had nothing to record for five years, but now look at it.
  35. Hmm. And that's before it burnt out. We've been obsessed with radiation. Wrong.
  36. This instrument's given me a lead.I think we're facing a new effect, arising from the atomic waste deposited here over the years. Magnetic energy outputs of unprecedented violence.
  37. Something we didn't even think to check for, but I believe it was a sudden surge in the magnetic field that wrecked your navigation system and blanked out the astronauts' flight recorder.
  38. There's an even bigger problem I see looming up. Area One burnt itself out in a magnetic sub surface fire storm. What worries me now is that the same thing could happen in Area Two.
  39. We need solid data on magnetic levels.
  40. A surge.A magnetic surge.
  41. Commissioner,
  42. the heat is starting to rise on the interior of Area Two as well.Now it contains one hundred and forty times the amount of waste in Area One. With quantities like that there could be a chain reaction.
  43. Oh, try and break the pile apart, rip up the bomb, destroy the mass: if we could disperse the mass over a wider area-
  44. We do have limited time.
  45. The magnetic field must be expanding.
  46. That's what worries me.
  47. G force...we're moving..!
  48. We're down to three G's! We're compensating.You see, the whole Disposal Area has been acting like a gigantic rocket motor, pushing us out of orbit. But if it's stopped fissioning, then we shan't be accelerating any more. Carter might have a chance.
  49. It's Meta.

Matter Of Life And Death (48)

  1. Hmm. Just what we're looking for, isn't it?
  2. John!
  3. I thought this was only a two man crew.
  4. Ah, just a minute. John. The only information we have on Russell comes from his wife's file. Now that's too limited.
  5. I don't know. I'll have a guess.
  6. Well, our instruments are designed to respond to a human biological stimuli, as we know them. But assuming Russell was stranded on Terra Nova for five years, then perhaps some aspect of that planet's environment might have caused him to adapt, to change in some way, which our instruments can't record.
  7. These are some thermographic scans I did of Lee Russell. Normally they'd have been passed to Helena for analysis, but, um, Mathias was worried that they might upset her. You'll see why in a moment.Now, as you know, these plates respond to body heat. There you are. Lee Russell. And from this he seems to be perfectly normal. Ah, you can see the areas of body heat, brain, vital organs, and the, ah, cold areas, the yellows. All just as it should be. Oh, that hand at the bottom of the picture, that's Helena's. But now...look at this.
  8. Um. Exactly. Uh, nothing there. No body heat. No reds at all. Just yellow. And yet when this scan was taken, he was breathing. His heart was beating. But now, look at this.See. Normal again.
  9. I don't know. According to that picture he's alive. And that one says he's dead. Take your choice. Of course, as I said, this may simply be a symptom of his having learned to adapt to living on that planet.
  10. So we've always thought. On Earth. But we're a long way from home, and we're going to have to start thinking differently. If we're going to come to terms with space.
  11. Certainly not in the Care Unit.
  12. That's right. Very strange, isn't it? Whatever life force sustains him, he's drawing it from some outside source.
  13. Then will you help us?
  14. We think it's best if you don't see her.
  15. Where do you come from, Mister Russell?
  16. Then help us, Mister Russell. Tell us what you know.
  17. Is the planet inhabited?
  18. You appear. And we don't know how. You seem to be human. But are you?
  19. At least wait until we find out why Russell died.
  20. We've got to find out all we can about Russell, alive or dead. For the sake of the mission we must wait. Mathias will rush the autopsy through.
  21. Okay, but just let me have an hour.
  22. To run some skin tests on Russell.
  23. John. Has Helena been told?
  24. John.
  25. Oh, this is about Lee Russell.
  26. No, the skin tests.
  27. John, just hear me out. I put all the data on Russell's skin tissue through the particle analyser. The structure of his skin was normal, while he was alive, but since his death it shows that the atomic structure of his body is changing. There are definite signs of reversed polarity. And that change is becoming more pronounced, the reversal more complete.
  28. Yes, but reversed polarity is the first stage in the process towards anti-matter. And as soon as that process is complete, it means annihilation.
  29. Yes, it is just a theory so far, but if it's-
  30. That's your decision?
  31. Alright. Good luck, John.
  32. John. Something very serious.
  33. The autopsy of Lee Russell.
  34. His body's vanished.
  35. John. Abort the mission.
  36. Lee Russell's warning.
  37. And anti-matter. The risks are tremendous.
  38. John. Please. Reconsider.
  39. Data readout normal so far.
  40. Have a drink on me, John.
  41. Alright, John. I haven't enjoyed a picture that much for a long time. Main Mission standing by.
  42. John, we've got trouble here. Computer shows all atmosphere seals are weakening.
  43. All of them. Including the plastics on your Eagle. Get Carter to check it out and we'll work on it from here.
  44. It's worse than we thought, John. The plastic seals are melting. Our atmosphere screens are just burning up.
  45. Difficult. We can't vouch for their serviceability.
  46. John, the situation here's -teriorating rapidly ------ Eagles have gone in various areas ----have evacuated ---we have many unaccountable technical troubles--
  47. Fifteen minutes to lift off, John. Operation Exodus ready when you give the word.
  48. And how much older will you be by the time we reach the first of these Earth-type planets?

Black Sun (64)

  1. What's the problem, John?
  2. I ought to know better than to ask you. Let's see..
  3., T squared. Four
  4. Come on, come on.
  5. Yes.
  6. Yeh.
  7. One jump ahead of you, Computer.
  8. John!
  9. Now, John. You didn't know. Neither did I. Now, if anyone's to blame it's me. I suspected it hours ago.
  10. Right. So. What are we going to do about it?
  11. Umm. Unfortunately we couldn't be sure until it was too late to save Mike.
  12. Well, it's gravitational pull can become so immense that just a hat full of the stuff can weigh more than several Alphas. But it doesn't stop there. The gravitational force goes on getting stronger, so that nothing, not radiation, not heat, not even light itself, can escape it.
  13. I thought I did.
  14. Um. Now, as you know, these eight anti gravity towers stabilise our gravity here inside Alpha. Now, we're going to use them to create an entirely new force field effect. By linking and cross linking the anti gravity screens in each of the towers, the force field.. will look.. something like this.
  15. Yes, well, um.. it can do with a rest. We're going to reprogram our main unit generators so that instead of trying to negate the pressure from the black sun, it will simply reverse it. The closer we're drawn to it, the stronger the force field will become, so that, theoretically, the pressure of the force field will eventually compel the pressure of the black sun to protect us against itself.
  16. It's insane.
  17. Well, it's the only way to make our point. Shall we?
  18. Not that much of a risk. Computer gave us a ninety-eight per cent chance.
  19. The same point that prevents you from giving up on a patient until he's dead. I've got some work to do.
  20. Excuse me, Mister Kano. I see your friend's having difficulty keeping us warm.
  21. It's not going to be functioning at all before long. But then of course you know that, don't you?
  22. All utilities were on minimum power during the test. The lights, they went back on full power the moment the test was over. So did the heating. It's automatic. Even I know that. No, the reason the temperature's still falling is that the black sun is draining our power.
  23. But we won't have very soon. The black sun will see to that. So we're going to shut down everything, and reserve it for the force field.
  24. I haven't quite finished yet, but they're looking fine. Anything wrong?
  25. When?
  26. I wouldn't advise it.
  27. Thank you, Smitty.
  28. Ah. Mnn.
  29. Mmm. Thank you.
  30. Mmm.
  31. Mmm. But for how long?
  32. You knew he wouldn't go.
  33. Hey, John! Come on. Put this on. Before you catch your death.
  34. Look, John. I've been doing some unique calculations recently. Ah, not about space dynamics or anything like that.Something you cannot learn from books.
  35. Oh, it's all right, I'm just...rambling on. Wondering a bit.Wondering.Extraordinary, isn't it, how we've survived? I mean, I put the probability through the Computer. I thought the Computer was going to blow up trying to figure the odds! Yeh, just about infinite!
  36. Anyway. My calculations show that we all ought to be dead by now. It should have happened when those atomic waste units-
  37. Oh, I don't think Doctor Russell would object...
  38. John. Have you ever wondered..just how and why we've survived?
  39. Have you got any answers?
  40. Oh, I don't know exactly..I, I, I, I'm a scientist, I don't know anything about God, but, no, ah...a sort of... 'cosmic intelligence' is what I've got in mind.
  41. It's one answer.Ultimately, I suppose we...all believe what we want to believe.. Perhaps that's what reality is. One thing, though. The line between science and..mysticism. Just a line. Huh.Y'know, sometimes it makes me feel quite old.
  42. He's a good man, Paul.Sixty year old brandy. I've been saving it for ten years. Just waiting for a proper occasion to celebrate. Well, not everybody might think this was a celebration,..but it is to me.And, if ever there was an occasion...this is it.
  43. To everything that was.
  44. Just the keep the cold out.It won't be long now.
  45. Whatever it is, I just hope it's interesting.
  46. So far.
  47. I don't feel cold.
  48. Of course, it's -possible -that we don't exist.
  49. I can hear your thoughts.
  50. It's very beautiful.
  51. It's very obvious.
  52. Does it? Yes, I see how.
  53. That's why I said it was beautiful.
  54. Who are you?
  55. Why have I never talked with you before?
  56. Are you...God?
  57. Gone.
  58. We've come through!
  59. Somehow we're on the other side of the Universe!
  60. I wonder how.
  61. Well. I knew it was impossible.
  62. Hey! Come on, come on.
  63. Ah, you must have followed us.
  64. Mmm. Right across the Universe.

Ring Around The Moon (45)

  1. Nothing. You know their warning was transmitted over every monitor on the base? I've been to Central Computer. It's memory cells have no record of any such planet. Course I haven't checked my own charts yet. But if only we could speak to them.
  2. I don't think it'll be a surprise. I've got a nasty feeling we're being watched.
  3. It's alright. John. It's alright. Alright.
  4. John...ah... They've taken Helena.
  5. Yes, all systems are working now.
  6. What, without knowing their energy source?
  7. I don't know, it might work, I couldn't give any guarantees.
  8. Alright.
  9. Now, they planned it, John. They just wanted to get Helena out there alone.
  10. Oh, John. The anti gravity screen will neutralise the force field. It'll make a sort of tunnel, or a corridor, that will allow you to pass through and land. John?
  11. Have they gone?
  12. It's too soon, John.
  13. Sandra. Anything?
  14. How long now?
  15. Any audio?
  16. Have you still got them on automatic?
  17. Can you get them down?
  18. What is it?
  19. Ah, another interesting account. In the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom. But here they're called 'the eyes of heaven'. Seems our friends got about a bit.
  20. We know one thing about them. They can decompose atoms. Reduce an object to its atomical components, pure energy, transport it through space and reassemble it in another place. That's how they got you from here to there.
  21. Yes, but what sort of light? And how?
  22. Oxygen!
  23. John.
  24. They've activated her like Clifford. She must be going to Computer.
  25. Paul? Bergman here.
  26. The Computer's not transmitting. Helena is.
  27. Now,as it is, she has a hundred and thirty two hours, that's five and a half days. That gives us some time.
  28. They don't need any of us now.
  29. Perhaps...they can't leave their sphere.
  30. They're limited in some way. A weakness.
  31. No, but we've been thinking of them as people. What if they're not? What if they're simply an intelligence with no physical form? They're just as trapped as we are.
  32. We can't blast our way through their force field.
  33. It's there link!Through Helena, they're connected to our Computer.
  34. Now what do they want from us really? Information. Our knowledge, that's all. They're a sort of -reconnaissance team, sent out into space to gather information and then transmit it back to Triton. That's all. We did it ourselves with our deep space probe ships.
  35. Mm. Did exist. No, this -position of this mythological planet does correspond to our -galaxy charts and I've checked it myself a dozen times, even through computer. But, Triton is dead, John. Blew up. Disintegrated.
  36. Unfortunately we're running out of time. I mean Helena's been activated six times in the last twenty four hours. She's not going to survive another five and a half days. No. They've miscalculated on their weakest link.
  37. And back to their computers. Right! So it's all up to Kano -to jam Computer. We can't touch Helena, but we can break the chain.
  38. Listen. You won't even get off the ground.
  39. Not yet. You'll be reactivated in a few minutes. But,..for the last time.
  40. Right, stand by.
  41. She's setting the computations now.
  42. So far so good. You alright?
  43. We don't know if he got out.
  44. What about the force field?
  45. Oh, I was just thinking about that planet, Triton. All that knowledge. And yet- . Perhaps knowledge isn't the answer after all.

Earthbound (12)

  1. No. They picked us out, John.
  2. The metallic structure of the metal is very dense, but, ah,.. there's certainly no movement I can see.
  3. Looks like a central locking point.
  4. Well, you've taken every possible precaution. There's nothing else we can do.
  5. I'll help you to assess the damage to your ship.
  6. John. Serious emergency. The space ship. Immediately.
  7. There was every reason to believe it would work. Both computers confirmed it.
  8. John. We must trust him.
  9. I don't know. Maybe I've had enough of Earth and its so called civilization.
  10. We can't afford to play games with that convertor.
  11. I agree.
  12. No, no. No, evidently Simmonds didn't give him a chance to make a matrix for his computer.

Another Time, Another Place (44)

  1. I have no idea. I just know we're not where we oughta be.
  2. We've changed our position in space.
  3. Um...ah..well, well, well. Looks as if we've done
  4. a bit of travelling.
  5. Seconds?
  6. Uh hum. Something like deja vu, you know, that feeling of I've been here before. It's a common enough experience.
  7. I mean we all of us went through the same experience.
  8. Well, now. It seems that we've been travelling faster than the speed of light, which means of course time might be affected. So Regina might be living a past life, or...perhaps even a future life. But feeling it now.
  9. Uh hum. And we're still guessing. We can't calculate what might have happened to the Earth since the Moon went out of orbit.
  10. Yes,there is a logic somewhere to it, John. There is some frame of order. We may make all sorts of blunders, wander off the path now and then, but ultimately..We belong where we belong. On Earth.
  11. One thing we know, there have been some major geological changes on the Earth.
  12. We'll soon find out. We're making a detailed radio map of the surface.
  13. Well. The Earth's axis has moved. Between five and six degrees.
  14. Climatic conditions totally different. I've a radio map ready for you.In Europe there's a completely ice age climate. But here in North America, large areas of desert, you can see. All these latitudes are just radioactive ash.
  15. Umm..
  16. Well, about the only place that looks as if it might be able to support life is, ah, this area here, a place called Santa Maria.
  17. We just have to hope that some people made it.
  18. Two brains.
  19. That sounds familiar.
  20. Somehow we've caught up with ourselves.
  21. Bigger please.
  22. Run that through, please.
  23. Thank you.It's moving faster.
  24. It is. And it's closing on us rapidly.
  25. If that other Moon keeps up its present speed we're going to collide with it.
  26. Forty eight hours.
  27. You'll only have ten hours on the surface. We need at least twenty four for total evacuation.
  28. And heading back into future time. It's an interesting thought.
  29. It's happened.You've come back.
  30. This is the Earth,
  31. but not the world we knew.
  32. It's an Earth where perhaps we never existed.
  33. Or perhaps we have yet to be born.
  34. But apart from us it's empty now. A civilisation once flourished here. Another Atlantis, perhaps. There are relics of them everywhere.
  35. Oh, for economic reasons we had to disperse. They're scattered in groups like ours, all through the valley.
  36. They've never seen a living ghost before.They don't understand.
  37. They are. Our finest achievement.
  38. Sandra's and Paul's. Yes, the children are our future. And as the situation improves, of course, there will be more.
  39. Yes. And it was not easy. It meant total sacrifice of all our resources. Eagles, life support systems, fuel sources. That was why you couldn't contact us. Yes, we've had to use everything to make this place habitable.
  40. Oh.., it was a choice..., a decision that had to be made at the very beginning. If this community had failed, there could be no going back.
  41. You should know. You made it.
  42. We'll look after her, John.
  43. Wait! All of you. Paul is right. You cannot live here. Or anywhere on this planet. If you were to come here there would be chaos and disaster. We know that Regina died when she confronted herself in her mind. Our Helena died when she confronted herself in the flesh. We are trapped in different times. But when those two Moons collide, time will correct itself. Normality will return. There will be one Moon. One community. One time. You must go back.
  44. If you are not back on your own Moon when time does correct will have nowhere to die.

Missing Link (12)

  1. I checked that out, John. G forces remained constant.
  2. So, whatever force it was, it wasn't anything we know about.
  3. John. It's alright. You're safe now.You've been unconscious for two days.
  4. Carter and I made it through alright, but, um,..Sandra's dead.
  5. Um. Helena did everything she could to save her, but, meant nothing. Ah, you know, the whole thing's ridiculous. I mean..we're all of us gonna die. Slowly. One by one. It's no use.
  6. Ooh, don't philosophise, John! Not with me! I'm not talking about Sandra! I'm talking about everything! When are we going to stop kidding ourselves? We're never going to get off this rock! This is our tomb! We walk about here, breathing, but we're not living, we're existing! I tell you I've just about had enough of it. I want to live like a human being again.
  7. John! No! Not you. You're the big man around here. How does it feel, playing God every day, eh?Where you going?
  8. What for? Listen! We don't have a chance here!
  9. No! I want to live! Listen. All those planets out there, they're not all dead, you know. One of them is alive. Alive! We could go there. A few of us. We can start living again.Damn, you damn fool! Life is waiting for us, John. Let's take it.
  10. There were four of us in that crash. Three'll survive, and...John. Why him? Why couldn't it be me or Alan or Sandra?
  11. Have you got him?
  12. That is precisely the point, Alan. We need a leader, even if it's just a name. John lives, well that's fine. Even if he doesn't, people will adjust. It's the not knowing that's getting everybody down.

Guardian Of Piri (35)

  1. Computer's, um, unusually reticent.
  2. I just don't know what to expect.
  3. I put this chart together from some astro shots I took myself. It seems that we have more time with the planet Piri than computer thought. You see the curve of our course is tightening and we're being drawn closer than we expected.
  4. Um, yes, felt a bit dizzy.'s alright. I'll be alright.
  5. No, no. I'm alright. Just a few strange fantasies, that's all.
  6. Well, obviously we're having some problems with computer. But, ah, I think we'll be alright. You know, I have a very powerful instinct that, ah, Piri is gonna be just the right place for us.
  7. That's it. We're in orbit.
  8. All the time we need.
  9. To follow.
  10. Hmm. And not necessarily malevolent. Come on, John. Cheer up. This could be the end of the road.
  11. Don't give up, John. Early days yet.
  12. Yeah, fascinating.
  13. Alright everybody!To the new world!
  14. Aah..
  15. All right then, we won't worry.
  16. Um, that's right. Of course the beauty of this situation is with the moon in a fixed orbit round Piri we can return as and when we like.
  17. That's it.
  18. Hello, John.
  19. Well, you're just in time. We're planning the last phase of Operation Exodus, right now!
  20. John! Your reports are remarkably explicit, but of course I want to look for myself.
  21. Here, look, here.
  22. John.
  23. Alright, alright. If that's the way you feel.
  24. John, listen.
  25. Oh.
  26. Oh, he'll want to come. He'll change his mind.
  27. Well, a few days solitude will soon straighten him out. Tell you what, we'll leave him an Eagle. And then, when he comes to his senses, he can join us in his own good time. Uh?
  28. Hm. To opt out. To be able at long last to fulfil our true potential as thinking human beings.
  29. Hmm?
  30. Hmm. That's John.
  31. We are grateful.
  32. We are happy!
  33. The Moon's
  34. going out of orbit!
  35. And with no Guardian to suspend time, time was restored. And there we were right back on our original course past the planet.

Force Of Life (37)

  1. Not much. It's a new one on me.
  2. No sign of any damage.
  3. The instruments have recorded a massive discharge of energy. Here, have a look.
  4. Well, this energy force was outside the nuclear reactor.
  5. No sign of any radiation.
  6. Umm. That's a good question.
  7. I could check the scan records for the last twenty four hours.
  8. Uh huh.
  9. Well, that's the scan record. Quite normal. Except for that.
  10. That's the energy force. And it was recorded at the same moment that Zoref passed out. Yet all the systems in the generating area are functioning perfectly, no fractures, no flaws, no leaks. This is something entirely new to Alpha.
  11. Uh huh.
  12. Uh, there obviously is.
  13. Well, there doesn't seem to be any sign of any damage. I'll, ah, get Zoref to take over in here.
  14. Here, John. Have a look at this first plate again. The one taken in the Generating Station when Zoref had his accident.
  15. Uh. This is one that was taken at the moment of Dominix's death. See. Same energy force. Now, you could accept a freak electrical discharge from space once, but not twice.
  16. Umm.
  17. And this alien force is here. Right now. Somewhere on Alpha.
  18. He was there when Dominix died.
  19. I don't know how, after absorbing almost all the power.
  20. That's it. That's the force that killed Dominix. And the girl. But it's inside Zoref. I tried a computer analysis. Can't recognise it. But it told me something else. This force has only been on Alpha for ten hours, but already it's growing like mad, out of all proportion to the heat or energy it's consuming.
  21. Who knows?
  22. Yes, but for what purpose?
  23. These are all the areas affected so far. Severe power loss in every section of the quadrant. Starting to see a sense of direction.
  24. He's at intersection fifteen forty nine. Put up corridor sixteen.
  25. Try forty nine.
  26. He must be in fifty.
  27. That's it. There's only one section left in that quadrant.
  28. With all the energy he needs.
  29. Just not the.. best of climates for a clockwork heart. I'm alright. Come on.
  30. He can't do it. He's too weak.
  31. Of course he had to go for us. We're the only source of heat around.
  32. We can't stop him now.
  33. Just one was enough for it's purpose.
  34. Some sort of creative evolution.
  35. A stage in its development. Perhaps the beginnings.
  36. A birth.
  37. Something like that.

Alpha Child (5)

  1. There, now. Just look at that. Isn't that a lovely thing? Now then. Do you know what that's called? That's called a flower. Do you think you can say that? Flow-er. What is it? Flower.Very good. Top of the class. Now let's see if we can find another one. Something that's even more beautiful than that. Then we will get you to draw something.Oh, that's marvellous, drawing. You just get a pencil and make a few marks on a piece of paper and then suddenly there you are! You've got the most lovely flower that you've made all by yourself.
  2. Hello. You done it already. Oh, that's -very..g...Would you like to draw some more, yes? Alright, off you go.It's extraordinary.
  3. Ah, yes. He's bright enough alright. And, as far as I can tell, a perfectly normal kid.
  4. You mean he's still under observation?
  5. He senses you're not as willing to be charmed as the rest of us are.

The Last Sunset (31)

  1. A sun like ours. Planet Ariel with its atmosphere. It's a perfectly balanced little solar system.
  2. Ooh, if we go into orbit I shan't care about symmetry.
  3. Oh yeah.
  4. No problems?
  5. Alright, Paul, put it through the onboard computer, would you?
  6. Nothing. Can't get any readings at all.
  7. The object resists any remote analysis technique we have.
  8. Yes. But why?
  9. Ah, not much I'm afraid. Weight four twenty-eight; diameter point eight six of a metre; temperature ambient; radiation zero. Composition.. still unknown.
  10. Oh, totally.
  11. John. John! It's air! That thing's brought us air!
  12. I'm having trouble
  13. I'm having trouble calculating our seasonal variations, but just instinctively I'd say it was spring.
  14. If we go into orbit this old Moon could become our New Earth. We could settle and build outside Alpha, we could fertilise the lunar dust and raise crops.
  15. Oh, we can make that. The air here is rotten with humidity. All we've gotta do is start the cycle. Sowing cloud forming crystals in the sky.
  16. The cycle's begun! The Sea of Tranquillity will become a genuine sea.All those craters will fill up and become circular lakes. Oh, John, it's gonna be a beautiful new world.
  17. How hard will it rain?
  18. Yes.Take care of yourselves.
  19. Hey, John.It's looking promising. The Moon's curving in nicely towards an orbital station around our new sun. Gravitational influence continues to increase to a high point which we will reach eight days from now.
  20. Oh, ah..
  21. John, they're breaking their necks in the Technical Section.
  22. Listen. You've got to face the possibility we may not find them at all.
  23. Kano! Stop him! For heaven's sake, stop him! Bring him back!
  24. Something we don't know about in the atmosphere, coupled with incessant flying through fine particles of moon dust, caused very rapid corrosion. Your control systems just seized.
  25. Yes. Well, we found that parts covered with a graphite compound won't corrode.
  26. Take them less than three days. They've started already.
  27. Hey, John. If you want to look at it that much you should have left it in the Technical Section.
  28. Ah, well, no. No, we should have gone to the planet after all.
  29. They gave us air.
  30. Ready to go.
  31. What we have here is a food substance amazingly rich in second class protein and many of the essential vitamins. We can grow almost limitless crops, once we've removed all the hallucinating elements.

Voyager's Return (35)

  1. A ship?
  2. It's a Voyager Ship!
  3. Hey, John. Listen to this. It's all here. Voyager One. Launched nineteen eighty five. Mission, to probe the galaxy for signs of intelligent life, to find habitable solar systems, to make man's presence known in the galaxy. And now Voyager's coming back! After fifteen years! Wow! What a staggering achievement!
  4. Now, wait!
  5. Of course I understand there's danger from the Queller Drive-
  6. Bu-but you don't understand what scientific information there is in that ship!
  7. But not without...John?
  8. No. At least let's..
  9. Just this. We've got to get hold of the information Voyager has. We can't just blow it up out of hand.
  10. Listen. For fifteen years Voyager has been photographing other planets, analysing atmospheres, detailing all forms of life, recording gravities, temperatures; think of all the medical information it must have! Why, it would take a hundred years to learn what Voyager already knows!
  11. Exactly.
  12. It's computer controlled.
  13. Surely we can't afford not to.
  14. The problem is to get access to the Voyager command circuits. Then we can give the computer new instructions. Kano. We need a link up through our computer programmer to Voyager One. See what you can do would you?
  15. Voyager One. This is the voice of Earth Space Authority.
  16. Do you acknowledge?
  17. Stand by to allow access to your command file.
  18. This is the voice of Earth Space Control.
  19. On what grounds?
  20. You are ordered to delete your command instructions.
  21. There's got to be a way to crack it's delete code.
  22. Paul. Something went wrong.
  23. Guarantee? No.
  24. Ah, Doctor. I'm afraid this isn't really my field. I did do a bit on neutrons, but that was a few years ago. So, I'm afraid, this is about the best I can do.
  25. Make any progress?
  26. Hmm.
  27. Oh, yes, indeed. You must have thought of it a great deal since.
  28. Of course.
  29. Those three alien ships
  30. are still closing on us.
  31. We believe that revenge, sanctioned by authority, is also a sign of a debased culture.
  32. Well, John. There it is. That's the memory bank from Voyager. It's all there.Planets, compositions. Life support systems. Packed with vital information.Ironic that we might not get the chance to use it.
  33. Against?
  34. I don't reckon Aarchon's going to give us that.
  35. Linden's using the Queller Drive in short bursts. Look what it's doing to the Sidons.

Collision Course (34)

  1. What's happened to Alan? Still nothing from Eagle One.
  2. He's got to make it. We need twelve nuclear explosions to guarantee the chain reaction that will destroy the asteroid and avoid a collision.
  3. Can't do it. We've gotta destroy that asteroid. Timing's vital to avoid being caught in radiation from the blast ourselves.
  4. No, he didn't stand a chance. No.
  5. Let's be grateful we've got this far.
  6. John. That's not helping any of us.
  7. John, please..
  8. It was a human decision, John. None of us would have decided any other way. But now we've got a new situation to face.
  9. Effective against certain classes of radiation that we know about, but out there is a kind of radiation we know nothing at all about.
  10. Yes. It's a thing called faith.
  11. Well done, John.
  12. Good luck.
  13. Yes, but if you hadn't gone out there we wouldn't have known anything about this planet til it hit us.
  14. Well... I've been thinking.
  15. Mm?
  16. Yes.
  17. Just a minute, John. The, ah, the principle of Paul's suggestion is dead right. We've gotta alter our trajectory relative to the planet. But p'r'aps we can do it another way. Now, suppose we make a force between ourselves and the planet. We could put down a chain of nuclear charges like mines moored in space, and make a shockwave between the Moon and the planet which might force them apart. Change their trajectory.
  18. I think it's the only possibility.
  19. John. If that planet is habitable, even though conditions may not be ideal, we could evacuate all our people to the far side.
  20. How long is a piece of string?
  21. Far from it, Paul. I suppose it makes some sort of sense.
  22. I think so.
  23. If it's strong enough to drag him towards it, it could be strong enough to stop his lasers.
  24. There's a slim chance he may have survived, even within that other ship. So we can't attack.
  25. Their technology is much more advanced than ours.
  26. Ah, we must at least go on with the preparations.
  27. I'm afraid I'm right. Whether intentionally or not the alien spaceship's parked itself in the exact position where we plan to lay our mines and create shockwave.
  28. Not that I know of.
  29. Hmm. Of course, reason and fact are against Arra. But then the commander's case is not based on reason or fact. But on faith. And I think we should have faith in him.
  30. Yes I did. And now I believe it should be cancelled.
  31. Is it permanent damage?
  32. And you'll look after John?
  33. Alright, alright, alright.
  34. Too late!

Death's Other Dominion (27)

  1. John.
  2. Sensors are out completely.
  3. But we've got the original data.
  4. Depending on how hard the going is, about twenty minutes on a due west bearing ought to bring us to the signal source.
  5. John. We've arrived. This is the place those signals came from.
  6. Yes, we hear you. Where are you?
  7. It's good to know there's somebody around.
  8. They've got the beam, John. They can follow that.
  9. Let's get some rest.
  10. We should have reached the ship long before this.
  11. This beam's leading us in circles.
  12. No, I gotta -I gotta sleep, I gotta sleep.
  13. No, sleep. No, sleep.
  14. The last news we had of the Uranus Probe was Jack Tanner's report that it was breaking up in a proton storm and that was, oh, some fourteen years ago.
  15. And you built all this equipment from salvaged material too, did you?
  16. Oh. This new Thulian would like to have a taste of that. It looks delicious.
  17. You know, we weren't going to give this new planet a second look, but you've made it into a really very attractive proposition.
  18. Now this looks interesting, Ted. Tell me about this.
  19. I think it's true, John. I've started to ask their computer some simple questions, but.. it seems my premises were all wrong. The year is two thousand eight hundred and seventy. So either they or we must have been through some kind of time warp.
  20. Yes.
  21. Doctor Rowland described the experiment as a development of epsilon ray analysis.
  22. I accepted his assurance that I would be in no danger.
  23. Everything mankind has ever desired.
  24. Thulians and Alphans may be the forerunners of a new race of humans as different from ourselves as we are from our caveman ancestors!
  25. A democratic choice.
  26. Oh, John-
  27. Oh, that's fair enough.

The Full Circle (50)

  1. No signs of a struggle.
  2. I shall need some close photographic information on Retha, so, um, take Sandra if that's alright with you, John?
  3. I suppose you want me to stay.
  4. Oh, of course.
  5. Sure.
  6. Well, they haven't got long to find out. Three days and we'll be past Retha. If we're going to settle, we'll have to do it before then.
  7. Ah, it did look good. I'm going to check with Bob Mathias about our stone age man.
  8. Call up Commander Koenig, will you, Paul. I'd like to keep him up to date on the autopsy.
  9. Well, we've lost contact as well. What was your last message?
  10. Just over two hours.
  11. Ah, ten minutes to landing?I'll let Sandra know.
  12. Eagle Three to Eagle Two.
  13. Come in, please.
  14. We shall be arriving in ten minutes, and, ah,
  15. Kano says put some lunch on, 'cause he's hungry.
  16. Sandra! Sandra!
  17. She's not here.
  18. Bergman to base. It's only just daylight. We'll be moving on right away. Ah, there are some markers so we can see what we're doing now.
  19. What news from Doctor Mathias? Any information on our caveman would be a help.
  20. No. Nothing yet. But don't worry, Paul. We'll find her.
  21. The markers lead straight in.
  22. They all went into the mist?
  23. Let's go round on foot.
  24. My god, look at the condition he's in. He's covered with blood. He's half dead. John? John? John!
  25. No! Don't!
  26. I'm beginning to wonder..
  27. Kano. I can't explain it, but I think that was John Koenig.
  28. We must go after him.
  29. We've got to find him. Look, you go that way, I'll go this way, meet round the other side.
  30. Get through to Doctor Mathias. I want everything prepared for immediate tests on the Commander for possible brain haemorrhage. And I want the operating theatre standing by.
  31. He's lucky to be alive. Whoever hit him really meant business.
  32. We found you down on Retha. Thought we might have to operate. Lucky for you you've got a thick skull.
  33. No sign of them at all. Just markers going into the mist.
  34. Hum. We found a big cave down there where a tribe of cavemen seemed to live. Very interesting. They were going to bury one of them, but he wasn't dead. But he was in pretty bad shape. Anyway, the light wasn't much good. But I did get a good look at him. And, do you know, for a moment I really thought it was you.
  35. Oh, yes.
  36. But you're not going back down there any more. You're going to be confined to your bed for at least a week. And in less than two days we shall be out of range of Retha.
  37. The autopsy report. What?
  38. Sandos was the Eagle pilot on the first reconnaissance flight.
  39. Oh, how, I mean how could you possibly be...
  40. It's our own people who've got Sandra.. My god. Carter.
  41. Carter's down there with a ray gun. If anything happens to Sandra..
  42., you can't. We'll go.
  43. This way.
  44. John, what are you doing?
  45. Helena?
  46. And noone remembers anything I suppose.
  47. Damn. I mean an incredible experience like that and no first hand information. I mean, you go through a time warp, you go back forty thousand years and noone can tell me what it felt like.
  48. Oh well. We're out of range of Retha by now, so I suppose we'll never know.
  49. No, just you.
  50. Do you think we ever will?

End Of Eternity (28)

  1. Extraordinary. But there it is.
  2. Nonetheless, there is an atmosphere source, somewhere inside this asteroid.
  3. Hmm. Yeah. Let's take a look.
  4. An airlock!
  5. Atmosphere breathable. Could support some other form of life.
  6. No. It's no use.
  7. Yes. That explosion really ripped him apart.
  8. Well, John. As far as I can see.There's nothing else here. It's a one room world.
  9. John.
  10. This is a rock sample, from the asteroid. From the atmosphere chamber.And, uh, I bombarded it with antimatter to try and break down its molecular structure. So that, to all intents and purposes, it should have ceased to exist. Like this.
  11. But I switch off the disintegrator.And now look.
  12. Yep. That's the same piece of rock. Somehow.. reformed, reintegrated, regenerated. Just like the cell structure of the alien, when his injuries healed.
  13. Mind you. It's a long shot. 'Cause, uh,'s something I haven't really come across before. But, my guess is, that it's not really a rock at all. But a living organism. You can burn it, scrape it, blast it, bombard it with antimatter, and somehow it will regenerate itself.
  14. Of course, it's, uh, it's possible that it's something like of a tortoise, designed to..protect the man inside, prevent people like us from getting in.
  15. Your people ..achieved immortality?
  16. Well. I'm inclined to believe him.
  17. Well, what we know about the asteroid and how long it's been out there in space. It adds up.
  18. If we'd been offered immortality ..would we have chosen differently?
  19. Terror. Destruction. Torture.
  20. John. That expression, that ..attitude of the hands. Where have we seen that before.
  21. He's trying to take over. What other reason could there be?
  22. I think there's a way we could slow him up.
  23. We'll soon be able to isolate him in one of the Alpha sections, and then we could depressurise and turn the whole area into a vacuum.
  24. He'll never go near an airlock. Not now.
  25. I know.
  26. Alan! You can't help.
  27. Well. We're lucky we survived.
  28. Of course he could have given us immortality.

War Games (24)

  1. They're Hawks.
  2. They're Mark Nine Hawks.
  3. It's an attack, John.
  4. Alpha's wide open.
  5. Oh, we're alright. What on Earth was that?
  6. Alan. Is he..?
  7. Ah, we shall only be within range of this planet for four days. Beyond that, the ..nearest star system would be least six months too far.
  8. I..
  9. I'd rather thought that they've been trying to tell us to keep away.
  10. The Gods using us for their sport, perhaps?
  11. Still no word from the Commander?
  12. I think we should make a start anyway.
  13. Nothing else we can do.Start Operation Exodus.
  14. Yes, John.
  15. It's alright, John. Everyone's prepared to take the chance.
  16. Say hello to the planet.
  17. Thank you, Paul.
  18. Ah, umm... We..are Mankind. We came from planet Earth, and we built this base, called Alpha, to learn more about space. But ..human error blasted this Moon out of the Earth's orbit. And so, we have travelled the Universe searching for a place to live. Now, we can no longer live here, and we go to face an uncertain future on the planet that has nearly destroyed us. You, whoever you are, who find this empty vessel of Alpha, come and seek us out, if we still exist. Come and teach us all you know. Because, we have learned many things, but most of all, we have learned ..we still have much to learn.
  19. Goodbye, Alpha.
  20. Oh, just wondering. If there's any future at all.
  21. It's an attack, John.
  22. Alpha's wide open.
  23. John. I don't begin to understand, but, ah, does this mean we can go down to the planet?
  24. Forgot what?

The Last Enemy (21)

  1. Here we are, John. The data on the left hand planet. It's inhabited.
  2. Those two planets revolve round the sun
  3. always on opposing sides and the remarkable thing
  4. is that neither planet is visible to the other.
  5. This isn't quite your style, is it, John? Shoot first and ask questions afterward?
  6. Well, if it's not now it soon will be if we start shooting at them.
  7. You think they're going to land?
  8. Mm. Those two planets are on opposite sides of their sun. They cannot see each other because of the much bigger sun in between. They can't fire at each other directly, because any kind of missile would be drawn into the sun's gravity. So, the arrival of our Moon has provided them with a nice ready made gun platform in space, right, John?
  9. Probably some sort of escape craft.
  10. Are you going to let them in?
  11. It could be dangerous.
  12. Yes. The end of round one.
  13. John. Even if this doesn't work, it will be valuable to gain some time. Every hour Alpha's moving further and further away. It won't be long before we're no more use to them.
  14. Ooh,..'bout four hours.
  15. Well done, John. I had my doubts.
  16. Betha will definitely support our life patterns, but...even so, I'd like a reconnaissance.
  17. And of course we've only got her word for it that we'd be welcome.
  18. Looks as if we've found Dione.
  19. She's making for the gunship.
  20. How long before impact?
  21. Ah, the waste. Total waste. Still, perhaps some good will come of it. Maybe now they'll learn how to live together.

The Troubled Spirit (25)

  1. Ah, John.
  2. Nothing wrong with that equipment. In fact there's no equipment here that could have caused that drop in temperature.
  3. Oh yes, his work's based on sound scientific principles. Of course, both human beings and plants have nervous systems. We both respond to, ah, pain, hunger. Even happiness.
  4. Yep. And what Mateo was trying to do in tonight's experiment was to tap those human wave patterns at source, boost them by using the combined mental powers of his friends, project them, and then measure the results. All leading to the ultimate goal of communication between human beings and plants.
  5. Oh, I can't see how.
  6. Something else, John. The scan equipment picked up a strong wave pattern in the Medical Area.
  7. The same wave pattern our friend Mateo uses. And very strong.
  8. Mateo. Do you know we've recorded the wave pattern you used in your experiment?
  9. And how do you record psychic energy? A very rare and very powerful source of psychic energy.
  10. Because that's what we've got, John. Right here on Alpha.
  11. Yes, but Paul- We all know that human beings use no more than about eighteen per cent of their actual brain potential. Now what happens in that other eighty two per cent is anybody's guess.
  12. Ah. Supernatural, yes. Paranormal, no.
  13. It's not a question of who's-
  14. Let him, John. Let him recreate the experiment.
  15. Yeh, but we can't fight this thing unless we know what it is. I say let him. And give him all the help we can.
  16. Don't break the circle!
  17. Mateo lives.He is one of us. You have no existence here.
  18. Whether we believe in the occult or not, there is a tradition in our culture of ghosts, spirits, some force which continues to work after death, coming back in search of revenge or justice or whatever. But this thing, that Mateo has summoned up, is coming back to avenge a terrible death. It's own death, which has not happened yet.
  19. Yeah.
  20. Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? I mean surely the present problem is just to keep him quiet, keep him sedated until we find some way of dealing with it?
  21. Yeah.
  22. Of course, there is the traditional way of dealing with demons and spirits and such.
  23. Yes. That and the use of occult symbols like the pentagram is one way. But no, what I've got in mind is an extension of those techniques. Now this being has power, it has energy. And we know where that energy originates - it has a structure. So what we've got to do is to determine what that structure is, and then maybe, just maybe,..we can deal with it.
  24. Is he ready?
  25. The area between those four terminals is lethal. So whatever happens nobody go in there.Ready.

Space Brain (43)

  1. I don't know; it's either a practical joke or something very interesting.
  2. You see anything?
  3. Of course, it could just be a fault on Wayland's ship.
  4. What puzzles me is where it came from.
  5. They're setting it up for analysis. I'll check it out.
  6. Well, John. It may not look like much but it's very dense. And it's very heavy. We had to turn the gravity control right down to get it in here at all.
  7. Computer's finding out right now.
  8. Huh..?
  9. John. Here it is.Weight three hundred and twenty eight tons. Constituent elements titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, carbon fibres, plastics, nuclear fuel cells... and a small amount of human tissue.
  10. Those brain patterns are fantastic for a man who's totally anaesthetised.
  11. John.Mathematical formulae. That monitor only gives electronic indications of the patient's brain activity.
  12. It's trying to communicate again, John.
  13. Maybe it couldn't get through to us. It needed Kelly as an interpreter.
  14. John, we can't just let him go.
  15. By my calculations, we shall be at the spot where Eagle One disappeared in forty six hours.
  16. Only two practical schemes for that. Shockwaves and anti gravity screens.
  17. John. Can you come to Technical Section right away?
  18. Yep. That's what it looks like.
  19. It's the same material we found encrusted onto Eagle One. It's reverted back to its original form.
  20. Looks, yes. But it's highly unstable. We don't know why, but, ah, its chemical structure changes. It gains incredible weight and density.
  21. In sufficient quantity, John, this..foam as you call it, could crush anything.
  22. John. Something interesting here. Kelly transmitted an astonishing amount of information in the short time he had. Course, I've only taken random samples, so the chances are I'm on the wrong track altogether.
  23. A lot of the data is physical information about the Moon itself; weight, density, dimensions.
  24. It's got information about the gravitational pull of our every change of course we've made since we left the Earth's orbit.
  25. Right!
  26. Help us to avoid a collision that'll destroy Alpha.
  27. Well. Of course, contact's already been made. Through Kelly.
  28. Symbiosis. I don't think you should be doing this, John.
  29. Kelly's mind is connected in some way to this..thing, and we can't be absolutely sure that your mind won't be affected in the same way.
  30. That's right. But the Brain is a million times bigger than the Moon. Make no mistake, John. It would crush us in the same way that it crushed Wayland's Eagle.
  31. An accident? Or is the brain intentionally going to destroy us?
  32. There is something, John. We could increase the atmospheric pressure inside Alpha.
  33. It's a long shot but it might just give us a chance, yes.
  34. I already have.
  35. Well done, John!
  36. Only skeleton crews above ground, all pressure sensors linked and ready for testing.
  37. D ready for testing.
  38. There are still men coming from the Generator section!
  39. All linked through here.
  40. Right.
  41. It's stopped, John. It's stopped!
  42. It's a miracle we're alive, John.
  43. Complex as the human brain. And just as vulnerable.

The Infernal Machine (23)

  1. It defies every known law of aerospace propulsion.
  2. But does.
  3. Better ask louder.
  4. Sounds peaceful.
  5. Said the spider to the fly.
  6. Except fear itself.
  7. Aah...where is Gwent?
  8. Ah, well, we, um, we have most of the basics.
  9. But you do have ultimate control?
  10. ready.
  11. Amen.
  13. He needs to conserve energy. Obviously he's low on vital supplies.
  14. And Gwent has never lived alone.
  15. Yes. Alive and well.And very much obliged.
  16. Ah, and, and you were actually friends?
  17. Ah, well. Everything changes.
  18. And you...always relied on Companion?
  19. We're willing to risk our lives to stop you!
  20. Ah, Gwent. Please. Let them go.
  21. No.
  22. Alright, then! Come along and get it over with!
  23. Oh, my dear Gwent. You were wrong from the beginning. To attempt to preserve one's personality is the ultimate vanity.

Mission Of The Darians (21)

  1. Twenty miles long by five miles wide.
  2. It's alright. We won't need those. We have breathable atmosphere outside, and a power source somewhere.
  3. Radiation distortion. Even our comlocks are affected. The ship is saturated with atomic radiation.
  4. Yeah, but it's too weak to harm us. And, ah,...yes, life signs are confirmed. There is life, somewhere on this ship.
  5. Uh, a ship like this, size of a city, oughta be worth it.
  6. Reception committee.
  7. We'd planned to rendezvous back at our ship.
  8. You mean the Ark?
  9. Maybe, but it is also the incentive that spurs our will to survive.
  10. Oh, we have some way to go before we get to that point.
  11. So that's it. We throw in our lot with them and they let us share their new world.
  12. No. But, ah, we could open up this ship. Start families. Prepare our people for the future. Very tempting, John. After all, we can't go on as we are indefinitely.
  13. Ah huh. Yess. Thank you.
  14. Yeah, good.
  15. Ah, I'm not sure. We've established that the Darians are a human as we are. Their food requirements are similar to ours. Ah, these are the components we use to provide our food on Alpha. They're processed and recycled of course to make them palatable. These are the Darian requirements. You see, different system, but, ah, same requirements. But, now, look at their components.
  16. Well, the Darian computer supplied the list and I checked it. There's no mistake. There are no reserves of those elements anywhere on this ship.
  17. Oh yes. All of those essential elements are present and being constantly renewed.
  18. Oh, just a minute. I said there were no reserves of those elements anywhere on this ship. That's not strictly correct. There is one source where they could find those elements. A human source.
  19. That's it, John. Living human bodies.
  20. Transplant surgery.
  21. I know.

Dragon's Domain (26)

  1. Yes, yes. We need a decision, you know. You can't both go. Someone's gotta control the whole operation from here. You can't leave it to Gorski.
  2. I take it that's it, then?
  3. Hmm?
  4. Hmm.
  5. Well. Seems a logical explanation. Well, at least it's easier to believe than a monster, isn't it?
  6. Oh yeah.
  7. No, but we're not likely to know that unless we go back for a second look.
  8. Yeah, but that's all they are. Contacts. How do we know they're spaceships?
  9. No, no, no, of course not, but I mean here's a man virtually come back from the dead. It's only natural he should have nightmares. It would be unnatural if he didn't.
  10. John, I'm afraid the facts are that our Probe was a failure, and somebody's heads got to roll.
  11. While the balance of his mind is disturbed.
  12. Unfortunately it's Commissioner Dixon
  13. who'll be the judge of that.
  14. Good morning.
  15. Well, I believe that whatever caused the disaster affected Tony's mind in some way which he -can't recognise and we can't even guess at.
  16. Well, how can you say, could be any one -
  17. Well, yes, Tony could have done it, but I can't honestly see why he should.
  18. John. Something quite extraordinary.
  19. It's the same sort of thing Cellini described. The mission to planet Ultra.
  20. The monster?
  21. John, we're light years away from Ultra.
  22. But the coincidence.
  23. It's incredible.
  24. The control systems are compatible.
  25. Sorry, John, but beyond the obvious explanation I can't be much help.
  26. Well, they do look somewhat like flies caught in a spider's web.

The Testament Of Arkadia (22)

  1. Oh, no.
  2. It's nothing to do with gravitation. Or magnetism either.
  3. Gravity, or magnetic forces, could effect the course, the speed of an object the size of the Moon.
  4. No, no; of course, nothing we know of could do that.
  5. Hello, John.
  6. Umm...this was a living world, once. And then...something happened, some kind of holocaust, which obliterated all life.
  7. Ah, well-
  8. Mm.
  9. John.How much do you know about ancient Earth languages?
  10. 'Cause unless I'm very much mistaken, that inscription is in Sanskrit, the basic proto-European root language. Sanskrit, the mother of tongues.
  11. Mm, not entirely, but...
  12. Oh, hello. Any luck?
  13. Destruction.
  14. Discover.
  15. But with no power...Alpha will freeze to death in twenty four hours.
  16. Do you want me to work on the planetary data?
  17. Right.
  18. Luke. If you get what you're demanding, you'll be condemning Alpha, and all of us, to certain death.
  19. Those supplies are vital to us, John. Regardless of whose life's at stake. Including Helena's.
  20. Listen, Luke. There's still time. Release Doctor Russell, hand over those weapons and there's still a place here for you.
  21. That's right. Better get those supplies back.
  22. Alan and Helena.

Copyright Martin Willey