The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
External Transport
by Martin Willey

11 External Transport


Transport on the lunar surface is afforded by moonbuggies. They are driven with two handles, each one controlling one side of the buggy; hence, turning was accomplished by putting one stick forward and drawing the other back. The dashboard originally only had an ignition switch, choke and fuel valve. They may be deployed from special airlocks (Space Warp) or Eagles (The Full Circle, The Testament Of Arkadia), and in the latter case may be used on Earth-type planets.

The full sized moonbuggies is only seen being driven in four episodes: Breakaway, The Full Circle (on Retha), Space Warp, and The Bringers Of Wonder part 2. Other episodes used the vehicle as a static prop (The Testament Of Arkadia), or model moonbuggies.

The prop had a small redecoration for The Full Circle, adding black outlines on the front. For Space Warp, a large number "5" was added to each side, and the dashboard added airlock switches ("inner door - outer door - pressurise - depressurise"). The wing mirrors were damaged in The Taybor and missing entirely in later episodes.

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Publicity shot featuring the Moonbuggy. Notice the number 8 in the panel on the side. Also notice the hose at the rear to redirect the exhaust from the petrol engine.

Various shots of Eagles on launch pads included a small moonbuggy model. The Year 2 titles included two small moonbuggies in the view of Moonbase Alpha as the logo moves overhead.

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The Moonbuggy is an amphibious vehicle called the Amphicat. Originally red, it was repainted yellow for the series.

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This and the previous photo are rare images of the vehicle before filming (thanks to Mark Shaw). Panel lines to the side and front have not yet been added, or the piped trim around the edge.


The Moonbuggy as it appeared in Breakaway.


Different scales of model Moonbuggy also appeared in Breakaway. The largest is 20cm long. The two astronauts are from the Revell 1/24th scale Gemini Capsule model kit.

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Brian Johnson and Nick Allder show 3 different scales of Moonbuggy, each with two astronauts. These were all used in Breakaway

Black Sun

Model moonbuggies are also seen on the launch pad, as here in Black Sun

Black Sun Alpha Child Alpha Child Alpha Child

In Black Sun and Alpha Child a moonbuggy is seen on the lunar surface, but not in use.

The Testament Of Arkadia

In The Testament Of Arkadia we see the moonbuggy being carried in the aft compartment of an Eagle.

Another Time, Another Place Another Time, Another Place The Testament Of Arkadia

In Another Time, Another Place, The Full Circle and The Testament Of Arkadia we see the Moonbuggy on Earth-type planets. Only in The Full Circle is it seen being driven.

The Full Circle

The Full Circle makes extensive use of the Moonbuggy to drive round the Retha forest.

The Full Circle

Impressive shot from The Full Circle of model Moonbuggy leaving Eagle.

The Last Enemy

The Last Enemy uses a model moonbuggy in motion, also seen in Breakaway, The Full Circle and The Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine

All the moving buggies in year one, such as here in The Infernal Machine, were pulled by a wire.

The Exiles

In Year 2, a larger scale Moonbuggy was built with radio remote control. Footage shot for The Taybor was also seen in The Exiles and Catacombs Of The Moon.

The Taybor The Taybor

The Taybor featured more close-ups of the remote controlled buggy, which is let down by the stiff astronaut maquettes. Unlike the smaller models, this model does not have an exhaust on the right side.

The Taybor

The Taybor also showed the original wire-pulled moonbuggy, used in scale against Taybor's ship.

The Taybor

A close-up in the The Taybor doesn't show much of the moonbuggy, but we see a different wing mirror. When we see the vehicle properly in Space Warp, the wing mirrors have been removed.

Year 2 titles- textless

The Year Two titles also used small moonbuggy models in scale against the Moonbase. A parked moonbuggy on the left. Centre-right is a small buggy with two astronauts (on the crest of the hill).

The Seance Spectre

A brief shot of a model buggy is seen in The Seance Spectre

Space Warp

The full size moonbuggy is only used twice in Year Two. In Space Warp we see the Moonbuggy airlock.

Space Warp

A close up of the controls added to the moonbuggy dashboard for this episode.

Space Warp

The vehicle's engine is now kicking out a lot of visible exhaust. It is still piped to below the wheels, so it looks like moondust being thrown up by the wheels.

Space Warp

The wing mirrors have been lost (possibly because so they could drive through the airlock door). Dirty marks remain where the mirrors were fitted. Large stickers with the number 5 have been added.

The Bringers Of Wonder

The moonbuggy is used again in The Bringers Of Wonder part 2.

The Bringers Of Wonder

Note the exhaust pipe leading down to the underside of the moonbuggy.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

The remote controlled buggy is seen again. A smaller scale moonbuggy model is also seen in other shots. The buggy does not reflect the changes in detailing on the full sized moonbuggy- the number 5 is missing, and the wing mirrors are still in place.

Three designs of laser tank were seen in The Infernal Machine (and glimpsed in the "This Episode" clips of The Last Enemy and the Eagle hangar in Space Warp).

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