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Matter Of Life And Death
Character Name Williams
Played by Christopher Williams
Sex M
Section Medical/ Main Mission
Episodes 8 episodes
Matter Of Life And Death Orderly
Ring Around The Moon Medical Orderly
Missing Link Medical Orderly
Force Of Life Medical Orderly
Voyager's Return Main Mission Operative
The Full Circle Orderly
End Of Eternity Medical Orderly
The Troubled Spirit Orderly

An orderly who frequently pulls gurneys to Medical Centre- often with dead Alphans such as Ted Clifford, Jim Baxter and Laura Adams. He was astronaut 4 on the moonwalk to rescue Carter and Donovan in Ring Around The Moon, where his surname is visible on the helmet: Williams. He was on the Retha rescue crew (carrying a medical bag).

In Matter Of Life And Death and Force Of Life he has a beard.

Matter Of Life And Death Brings the gurney into the travel unit during the credits. Matter Of Life And Death
Ring Around The Moon Takes away Clifford's body on a gurney. Later he is in spacesuit 4, in the rescue party to Alan's crashed Eagle. Ring Around The Moon Ring Around The Moon
Another Time Another Place He and Saad Ghazi (also together in Matter Of Life And Death) take Regina from Main Mission at the start of the episode. The sequence was cut.
Missing Link In the rescue Eagle with Helena and Mathias Missing Link
Force Of Life Pushes frozen Mark Dominix out of generating area Force Of Life Force Of Life
Voyager's Return He wears a red sleeve in Main Mission Voyager's Return
The Full Circle Orderly. Although we see him enter the mist, and returning (behind Helena), he is never seen as a caveman. The Full Circle
End Of Eternity In corridor when Balor's body is brought to Alpha. Later, he takes Baxter's body away End Of Eternity End Of Eternity
The Troubled Spirit Takes Laura Adams body from Hydroponics The Troubled Spirit

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