The Catacombs Production Guide

These are some of the special effects storyboards for the episode Force Of Life. The episode script has just 10 effects shots, 2 of which could be library shots. At some point it was decided to add 13 new special effects shots, expanding some of the early and last shots from the episode. At least some of the original scenes were shot and can be seen in the episode. Three of the shots are marked "R", for replacement. It is unlikely the new effects shots were scripted, as they do not add any story content.

The special effects scenes from the script were typed up on 2 pages, dated 24th May 1974 (the same date as the final shooting script, although it is possible this is based on the 15th May script as the effects scenes are unchanged). Scenes 3, an establishing shot of Moonbase Alpha, and scene 71, the travel tube, would be library shots, filmed for previous episodes.

This is a storyboard for the original script scenes, showing the moonbase buildings exploding at the end of the episode. Two of these shots will be replaced. There was probably the second page of the original storyboard. The first page would have had scenes 1, 8 and 74 (which are seen in the episode), and as there are four shots per page, it may have already split 74 into two shots. A third page would have scene 96, the final shot of the blue comet in space.

These four sheets contain the 13 new effects scenes. The blue light is called the "blue meanie".