The Catacombs Production Guide

Special effects storyboards for the episode Force Of Life.

Koenig orders Paul to cut the power, and in scene 74 we see the window lights go out. This must have been on the original storyboard. We actually see three different views, two of the big moonbase model, one of the large buildings.

Force Of Life Force Of Life Force Of Life Force Of Life

Scene 88
Generating Area grows white hot.

Scene X6
White halation builds up to brilliant glow.

Zoref enters the reactor. The "R" on scene X6 indicates a replacement, which would have been scene 88 on the original storyboard. The explosion scenes (90 and 92) are not in the new storyboard, but the buildings and arrangement are very similar.

Force Of Life

Scene 90
Small explosions thru roof of Generating Area

Force Of Life

Scene 92
Bigger bang

Force Of Life Force Of Life

Scene X7
Big bright blue meanie forms [fade in]
on top of gen section - moves slowly up and away

Force Of Life

Scene 94
Alpha base + bang + comet

Scene X8
Alpha + big blue meanie moves away

Not marked as "R" replacement, although it is obviously the same shot.

Force Of Life

Scene X10
Damage visible but lights come on

Scene X11
As 10 revamp. Lights come on

Only one of these shots is used.

Force Of Life

Scene X9
As X2 but slight change - reverse
Blue meanie moves away from Moon

Force Of Life

Scene X12
Star backing. Blue meanie R-L away

Force Of Life
Force Of Life

Not in the storyboards, this shot matches the second shot of the episode. Obviously a late addition.

Scene X13
SAs 12. Diff backing

Final shot of episode, with the same star background as the opening shot.

Force Of Life