The Catacombs Production Guide

Special effects storyboards for the episode Force Of Life.

Force Of Life Force Of Life

The first space shot is as described in the script scene 1, and must have been on the original storyboard. The second shot with the Moon must have been a late addition (there is a matching shot at the end of the episode).

Scene X1
Blue light heads down to Moon (barrel world).

The barrel world is a revolving barrel which was used to portray a moving horizon.

Force Of Life

Scene X2
Blue light very distant. Moves slowly towards cam.

Force Of Life

Scene X3
Radar antennae rotating slowly - Blue light moves L-R slowly.

The round nuclear waste depot building from Breakaway is brought back with a new scanner model. The storyboard had two radar dishes, but the shot uses just one.

Force Of Life

Scene X3A
Rev- antennae rotates. Blue light moves L-R on towards Alpha base.

Force Of Life

Scene X3B
Moon slow L-R in star B/G.

This shot is used for the episode titles. Shot on 22 July 1974.

Force Of Life

Scene X4
Blue light

Shown in two shots in the episode. Marked as "R", replacement, although the originally scripted shot, scene 8, is also seen in the episode shortly after.

Force Of Life
Force Of Life

Not in the new storyboard, but this shot is as described in the script (scene 8) so was probably from the original storyboard.

Scene X5
O/L Blue light to cover all screen

Using a static shot of the live action set.

Force Of Life