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DVD: Denmark
Compiled by Martin Willey

Midget Entertainment DVDs (Denmark)

Denmark 2008-2009

Midget Entertainment is a Danish DVD distributor associated with Sweden's Noble Entertainment. This was a re-release of the UK Carlton DVDs with English soundtrack and Danish subtitles. The age rating is a surprisingly high 15.

The discs used adapted art from the Chantrell poster for Destination Moonbase Alpha changed into the Danish title, Månebase Alpha. On volume 1, this includes Landau and Bain in Year 2 uniforms, and Catherine Schell as Maya, although these are Year 1 episodes.

The back cover featured an awkward montage of an Eagle, launch pad and Chantrell's Hawk painting. The credits state the director as Tom Clegg and producers as Fred Freiberger and Gerry Anderson (obviously taken from Destination Moonbase Alpha).

Volume 1
ME508 (UPC# 5705535036375)
25 July 2008 Episodes 1-12, 4 discs
Volume 2
ME559 (UPC# 5705535037082)
27 January 2009 Episodes 13-24, 4 discs

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