The Catacombs Catacombs Character Guide


Character Name
Played by Lynda Westover
Sex F
Section Main Mission
Episodes 4 episodes
Alpha Child Nurse
The Last Sunset Alphan
Voyager's Return Main Mission Operative
The Full Circle Cave woman

Alpha Child

She is "nurse 2" in some scenes in Medical for Alpha Child. This is her only on-screen appearance- the back of her head through the window at the start of this scene.

The Last Sunset

In The Last Sunset, we first see Westover running in the corridors as they fill with mist.

The Last Sunset

Publicity photo of Mike Stevens in spacesuit with Westover and Linzy Scott.

On the lunar surface, Westover is in the foreground of the party scene, lying with Linzy Scott and Tony Allyn.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

Later she in one of the Alphans who runs out into the rain. However, we don't see her in Main Mission scenes.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return

In Voyager's Return she is a Main Mission Operative in the background of several scenes, standing by computer

The Full Circle

In The Full Circle, she is a cavewoman. We never see her emerge from the mist, or in Alphan clothes.

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