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SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Single Jarak ship moves from distant left to full frame and passes over camera. 20 seconds. Seen in episode.

s/isfx334553x42.jpg (5208 bytes) s/isfx334553x43.jpg (6704 bytes) Alpha Child

Large Jarak ship over Alpha. 15 seconds. Seen in episode.

s/isfx334553x69.jpg (10320 bytes) Alpha Child

Jarak ship. Alan's small Eagle flies up to it from bottom right. 20 seconds. Seen in episode.

s/isfx334553x81.jpg (6869 bytes) s/isfx334553x82.jpg (5202 bytes) Alpha Child

Jarak ship static over Moonbase building. 20 seconds. Not used in episode.

s/isfx334553x97.jpg (7022 bytes)

Three Jarak ships move through space, from left to right. 35 seconds. Not used in episode.

s/isfx334553x46.jpg (4305 bytes) s/isfx334553x47.jpg (5667 bytes)

Three ships seen approaching in Eagle window. A laser beam fires from bottom right, hits the middle ship and splits into three beams. Two versions, 10/15 seconds. Different to the version seen in the episode (the Eagle beam deflects off the ship at an angle, it does not split into three).

f/isfx334469x14.jpg (7448 bytes) f/isfx334469x15.jpg (7967 bytes) f/isfx334469x18.jpg (7764 bytes) f/isfx334469x19.jpg (8445 bytes) f/isfx334469x20.jpg (8311 bytes) Alpha Child

Eagles flying through space. They fire lasers. 12 seconds. Seen in episode.

f/isfx334469x16.jpg (3486 bytes) f/isfx334469x17.jpg (4195 bytes) Alpha Child

Three Jarak ships moving through space (angled to top right). They all fire lasers forwards. 17 seconds. Not seen in episode (the episode shows the same view when they fire backwards).

f/isfx334469x06.jpg (4873 bytes) f/isfx334469x07.jpg (5581 bytes)

Three Jarak ships in space (at start of shot there are just two, but one appears above). The middle ship fires a laser down to bottom right. 15 seconds. Not seen in episode.

f/isfx334469x21.jpg (3858 bytes) f/isfx334469x22.jpg (4302 bytes) f/isfx334469x23.jpg (4575 bytes)

Alan's Eagle falls to the lunar surface. 34 seconds (first 13 seconds without Eagle). (As seen in episode except for missing the green glow after it lands.

l/isfx335029x36.jpg (9420 bytes) l/isfx335029x37.jpg (11314 bytes) l/isfx335029x38.jpg (9699 bytes) Alpha Child

Battleship moves from left to right. In mid frame a green glow appears, pulses and fades (firing laser?). Not seen in episode. A similar shot is seen in the episode firing a laser. 35 seconds.

s/isfx334553x79.jpg (4256 bytes) s/isfx334553x80.jpg (4964 bytes) Alpha Child

Large battleship moves through space. 22 seconds. Not seen in episode; similar to the War Games shot with small Hawks.

s/isfx334553x13.jpg (4311 bytes) s/isfx334553x14.jpg (4892 bytes) s/isfx334553x15.jpg (6057 bytes) s/isfx334553x16.jpg (5417 bytes) s/isfx334553x17.jpg (4211 bytes)

Jarak ship glows green, then drops through frame. 9 seconds. Seen in episode.

f/isfx334469x03.jpg (4393 bytes) f/isfx334469x04.jpg (4426 bytes) f/isfx334469x05.jpg (4352 bytes) Alpha Child

Jarak ship falls through frame, smoking. 6 seconds. Different version of shot seen in episode.

f/isfx334469x10.jpg (4028 bytes) f/isfx334469x11.jpg (4134 bytes) Alpha Child

Three Jarak ships in space (at start of shot there are just two, but one appears above). Static at first, they then move off frane right- as they disappear, the battleship appears left and crosses the frame in pursuit. 40 seconds. Not used in episode.

s3/isfx334910x31.jpg (5105 bytes) s3/isfx334910x32.jpg (5409 bytes) s3/isfx334910x33.jpg (5373 bytes) s3/isfx334910x34.jpg (4376 bytes) s3/isfx334910x35.jpg (3806 bytes) s3/isfx334910x36.jpg (4132 bytes) s3/isfx334910x37.jpg (4859 bytes) s3/isfx334910x38.jpg (3898 bytes)

Battleship moves over Alpha. A clapperboard is seen mostly obscured in the opening frames (in a masked off area of the frame). Seen in episode.

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