The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Eagle Guide
by Martin Willey

Eagle Transporter Pod

Ring Around The Moon

The transporter pod is seen in most episodes. The interior can carry passengers or equipment.

Guardian Of Piri

Transporter pod on the 22 inch Eagle. This very early shot shows the pod without Alpha insignia.


The 44 inch transporter pod, seen in Breakaway.

Black Sun

Many shots, such as this from Black Sun, were reused throughout the series.

Matter Of Life And Death

The 22 inch Eagle was also used in many recycled scenes.

Dragon's Domain

In Dragon's Domain, the pod has special long feet so that it can be detached from the main body of the Eagle.

Space Warp

Steps are occasionally fitted to the door.

The Seance Spectre

Shot for Space Warp, this shot was seen in The Seance Spectre. The pod door is "open" (or at least black).

The Testament Of Arkadia

Close up from Testament Of Arkadia.

Black Sun

Full size set version of the door. There are additional details around the door (orange signs, the retracted rails). The cross pattern in the door is inset (on the model it is outset, which would make sliding the door into the bulkheads at the side difficult). The small panel on the right side of the model door is on the left side of the set door.

War Games

Interior of the set door.

Space Brain

Close up of the top of the pod, from Space Brain. There are 6 dark panels along the upper sloping side of the pod. In the interior set, there are roof sections that roughly correspond to these panels- but they are light panels, not windows. Are they windows that are normally closed by screens? Or solar panels for power?

Another Time, Another Place

This crashed Eagle from Another Time, Another Place doesn't have the dark panels- they are the same grey-white as the rest of the pod. This pod is also seen in the crash in Ring Around The Moon.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

A extra-large section of Eagle pod was seen in Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Guardian Of Piri

Two pods alongside each other, from Guardian Of Piri. The closer pod is not a complete model. Only the top sloping surface of the pod (on one side) exists.

Space Brain

Two pods alongside each other, from Space Brain.

The Immunity Syndrome

Another pod appears at the end of Year 2. There are no details in the panel over the door. There are numbers on the bottom corners.

The Immunity Syndrome

This is the larger scale pod, built twice the size of the 44inch Eagle (it was not a complete pod, or Eagle, and was used only for close-ups). Note there is some detail in the panel over the door, approximating that over the other 44inch pods.

The Seance Spectre

The eaves of the passenger pod are not present over the door. The Eagle 2 model still has this pod.

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