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Guardian Of Piri

This is the first 22" (56cm) Eagle model, seen in almost all episodes. Proportions and contours are very close to the first 44" Eagle. The side pods have less detailing, and the feet are fixed. It was built by Space Models, at the same time as the first 44 inch Eagle. Kit detailing in the cages is largely from the Airfix 1:72 (1:76) Panther, in scale with the Tamiya 1/35th Panther parts used on the 44 inch. The command module shape was carved as a wooden master by John Phillips of Space Models, forming only one half of the shape, without panels or window insets. Unlike the 44 inch Eagle, it was not refurbished in Year 2 and retains the original paint and detailing.

Publicity picture

It appeared in this publicity photo with the Satazius.

Space Warp

The 22 inch Eagle was used for launch pad scenes in early episodes, which were used throughout the series as library shots. It was used less through the series as more 44 inch Eagles became available. Space Warp is a rare starring role, due to the model being the right scale for the alien spaceship. For much of Year 2, the 22 inch Eagle doesn't have the Alpha insignia on the command module. The hangar scenes from Breakaway show the model without any insignia at all, and were probably the first SFX scenes filmed; all other shots in that episode and later show the insignia.

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