The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

17 Aliens

Earthbound Earthbound

Kaldorians (Earthbound).

Missing Link

Vana and Raan, Zennites (Missing Link).

Voyager's Return

Archon, Chief Justifier of Sidon. (Voyager's Return.)

Collision Course

Arra, Queen of Atheria (Collision Course)

The Immunity Syndrome

Zoran, from an unknown planet (The Immunity Syndrome)

The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy

Bethans and Deltans The Last Enemy

The Infernal Machine

Delmer Powys Plebus Gwent from planet Zemo (The Infernal Machine)

Mission Of The Darians

Kara, from Daria (Mission Of The Darians)

The Testament Of Arkadia

Arkadians, ancestors of mankind ( The Testament Of Arkadia)

End Of Eternity

Balor from Progon (End Of Eternity)

The Metamorph Dorzak

Psychons Mentor and Dorzak, from Psychon (The Metamorph, Dorzak)

War Games War Games

Male and female aliens from an unnamed planet (War Games)

The Metamorph

One of a number of diverse alien species enslaved in Psychon mines (The Metamorph)

Dorzak Dorzak

Crotons, from Norvah (Dozark)

Devil's Planet

Entran prison guards, from the planet Ellna (Devil's Planet)

Space Warp

Grasshopper/Capt Duro of the Menon, scout ship for the mothership Admenon (Space Warp)

The Mark Of Archanon The Mark Of Archanon The Mark Of Archanon

Archanons (Mark of Archanon)

One Moment Of Humanity

Number 8, from Vega (One Moment of Humanity)

The A B Chrysalis

A, chlorine-breather from unnamed planet (A B Chrysalis)

New Adam, New Eve

Magus, from unknown planet (New Adam New Eve)

A Matter Of Balance

Vindrus from antimatter planet Sunim (Matter Of Balance)

The Exiles

Zova and Cantar from Golos (The Exiles)

The Taybor

Taybor from Pinvith The Lesser (The Taybor)

The Dorcons The Dorcons

Dorcons, from the planet Dorca (The Dorcons)

See also Maya transformations.

Copyright Martin Willey