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by Martin Willey

Eagle Passenger Module


The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

The computer configuration first appeared briefly in Missing Link, prominently in The Last Sunset, and from Death's Other Dominion it became the standard arrangement. This featured a computer bank on the starboard side, with console and screens, while four seats remained on the port side. The booster module was identical to the standard module on the inside, but in All That Glisters it mysteriously gained twice the length.

Missing Link

The first, very brief, shot of the computer wall in Missing Link. Unusually it has the "X5 Computer" labelled panels on the top row. These weren't seen again in the passenger module until Year 2.

End Of Eternity Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain The Testament Of Arkadia The Metamorph

The computer panels are standard designs, identical to those used in Main Mission. The panels change episode by episode, but the central screens are always the same. The screen panels are the same design used by beds in Alpha's Medical rooms. The VDU screens are often used to show computer test or video. The illuminated buttons beneath the screens are marked with the letters S F T, V A P N O, C H O.

The only episodes where the configurations are the same are Death's Other Dominion and the following episode, The Full Circle - apart from one scene. In that scene, a new panel is inserted so Sandra can look at a clock (the panel with a Metamec clock, used in Main Mission). The reason the panels changed is probably that they were being reused in different Moonbase sets.

Death's Other Dominion

Typically there is a Main Mission or (in year 2) Command Centre-type desk in front of computer.

The Last Sunset

The computer wall is The Last Sunset will later have ripped out panels and broken screens. Note the normal seats are removed, and there are two unusual desks.

Dragon's Domain

The desks from The Last Sunset also appear in Dragon's Domain. Again, they have Gaudi chairs, as used in Main Mission.

Space Brain

In Space Brain nuclear charges were placed in front of the computer.


The desk in front of the computer wall is a standard Main Mission desk. In Year 2 it has the standard thin metal legs; in Year 2 the substantial base and red stripe is added, as seen in Command Center, but no television screen. The chair is a Gaudi (as in Main Mission) or a Selene (with higher back), but is not always present. Later in year 2 an orange chair is used at the desk.

The Full Circle The Metamorph The A B Chrysalis
A Matter Of Balance

In A Matter Of Balance, there is a second desk, positioned in front of the port side door.

A Matter Of Balance

In The A B Chrysalis and A Matter Of Balance, the desk has a light on it.

The Seance Spectre

In The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 and The Seance Spectre, it has a Sorella lamp (the distinctive design used in Main Mission).

Selene amd Gaudi chairs in year 1; the orange chair from year 2

The Full Circle The Testament Of Arkadia The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre

The All That Glisters configuration is unique. We don't see the port wall. The starboard side is made up of several sections. At the rear is a section of shelving from the front corridor of the Eagle. Then there is a long section of computer wall (set back to give the full width to the passenger module, and not including the normal screens found in the Eagle). The filing tables (seen in The Last Sunset and Dragon's Domain) are in front of these computers, with lots of Alpha technical equipment on them, and, at one point, Tony. Then there is the normal plain bulkhead wall, with four columns of hexagonal boxes stacked 3 high in front of them. Ladders with ropes and rolls of red matting hang from the ceiling (as in The Last Sunset). The four seats are parallel with this section. Then there is the side door, and the normal front bulkhead and corridor.

All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters All That Glisters

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