The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Other Recreational Rooms

A number of other recreational rooms are seen (apart from the general purpose Recreation Centres and the Solarium). These are the Auditorium - The Troubled Spirit, Koenig's Private Dining Room - The Taybor (revamp Reception) and the Gymnasium - The Testament Of Arkadia (revamp Command Office).


The Testament Of Arkadia

The Testament Of Arkadia: the gym with Olympic bars stacked left, a plate-loaded vertical leg press (too close to the wall to use with plates), and dumb bells in a rack on the right. There are no plates for the bar bells or leg press.

The Testament Of Arkadia

In the foreground are weights machines: a lat pull down and bench press machine.

The Testament Of Arkadia

Bench press on left, lat pull-down on right. Normally you'd need a bench to lie on for the bench press, and a stool for the lat pull-down.


The Taybor The Taybor The Taybor The Taybor The Taybor The Taybor

Another gym in The Taybor. The vertical leg press, bench press and bench are the same as in The Testament Of Arkadia. There are no visible free-weights. The lamps are identical to the sun lamps in the Solariums (the text "Solarium" is readable on them). By the door (alongside the vertical press) is a Melpomene hat stand.


The Troubled Spirit

The Auditorium from The Troubled Spirit. On the walls are paintings of the planets by Ludek Pesek

The Troubled Spirit The Troubled Spirit The Troubled Spirit
The Troubled Spirit

The set was built with 3 walls, but there is one "cheat" shot showing the "other wall" where the camera normally is. The reverse shot of Sandra is achieved by turning the row of chairs around, so the wall that was to their right is now on their left. We can see the same table, with black and white flowers, and the picture frame ("Mars from Phobos" by Ludek Pesek), that was by Judith Hepburn. Hepburn's recital program is still on top of the table. The curved wall panel glows pink, rather than white, but that may be the overspill colour from the pink panels. Thanks to Craig.

Dining Room

The Taybor The Taybor

Koenig's Private Dining Room. This is a revamp of the Travel Tube Reception Area. Koenig sits where the receptionist should sit.

The Taybor

Behind Maya are the Travel Tube door labels.

The Taybor

The wall with the Travel Tube doors has been extended by adding an illuminated shelf panel and one standard wall panel. The phone booths, which would be behind Taybor here, have been replaced. Thanks to Marcus Lindoos.

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