The Catacombs Production Guide

Special effects art for the episode The Testament of Arkadia.

When the SFX team received a new script, they would create an abridged script containing only the special effects shots. The SFX scenes copied the script descriptions exactly, but the context, dialogue and story was all missing. Brian Johnson would review the abridged SFX script, working out required models and model sets, and sometimes making rough drawings to plan the shots. Cyril Forster would then prepare the storyboards, based on the script directly or using Brian's sketches if available.

This is the first page of the SFX script for The Testament of Arkadia. Johnny Byrne's script was published on Wednesday 5th February 1975, and this SFX script has a date of Monday 10th February. Brian Johnson has sketched out the shots. On the final day of live action shooting, 25th February, a new script was published which restructured the episode into a flashback, with Koenig's narration. The stock Moonbase Alpha shot (scene 2) was moved to the first shot, and scene 1 from this script was moved after Koenig's kendo fight.

The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia