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Script To Screen: One Moment Of Humanity
by Martin Willey

Script To Screen

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Tony Barwick's shooting script for One Moment Of Humanity was titled and filmed as "One Second Of Humanity". Only in post-production was the title changed.

Right is the script cover and title page, with doodles by Martin Landau (thanks to Julie). Below are comments by Landau on the script.

Why are our systems out?
Pg #9 An electro force field? Why?
It is not clear that we are locked? + for what purpose?
Does the moon stop its trajectory?

Good basic premise. Many, many bumps!

I don't do anything to affect any thing - same old trap!
Protect your leads. I'm virtually non-existent in this script!
When I do come on I don't do it!
Maya does. I don't solve anything. I just stand around impotent trying to figure this out.

I don't do it + ??? - ????[illegible] in this script! Just like a script of old!

I don't even figure out this chain reaction - Every important event happens despite me- I don't affect it at all.

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Martin Landau's comments on this title page seem to refer to a film he has seen starring Buddy Ebsen (Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones) and Vera-Ellen.

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